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E-ID Password

Your Electronic ID (e-ID) password is used to access many web pages on campus, such as MyMadison, Canvas, the software downloads page, and more.


Password Expiration Notification
Password Resets
Intruder Detection and Lockout
Error Messages
Security Alert/Awareness


Password Expiration Notification:

Password expiration information is available for students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and graduated students on the MyAccounts tab in MyMadison.

Know your password?  Change your password prior to expiration by logging into MyMadison, clicking on the MyAccounts tab and then the Password Management link.  From the User Preferences screen, click the link “Change your password”.

Forgot your password?  Go to MyMadison and on the login page, enter your JMU e-ID.  Where you would normally enter your password, click “Forgot your password”.  You will be prompted to use your One Time Password (OTP). 

Password expiration notifications are also sent via email to you according to your affiliation with JMU (see below).


Applicants are not required to change their e-ID password. If admitted, you will receive an email to change your password after you pay your deposit.  


Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Graduated students

Students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and graduated students (since December 2005) are required to change their password every 90 days. An email is sent to your official JMU email address prior to the expiration date of the required password change.

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Password Resets

If you cannot remember your password, you will need an e-ID password reset. There are two methods to reset your password:
  1. Self Service Reset
    • Go to MyMadison.
    • Enter your JMU e-ID and click continue
    • Click “Forgot your password?” on the password screen
    • Chose the method to reset your password – by One Time Password (OTP)

    • OTP:
      The One Time Password Challenge option will send a code to the mobile phone number or email address that you entered during password enrollment or the last time you updated your OTP information on the MyAccounts tab in MyMadison. If using the email address option to receive your OTP code along with a web browser to access that email account, you will need to open a new web browser or tab and log into your external email account to retrieve the code. Enter that code into the virtual authenticator on the browser's login page. This must be completed in the same browser session for the code to work.
    • Complete security awareness and set a new password
  2. Visit the Information Technology Help Desk
    • Bring your photo ID (JAC or driver's license) to the Information Technology Help Desk on the 4th Floor of the Student Success Center M-F 8am-5pm for a password reset.
    • If you have a question about the password reset process, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 540-568-3555.

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Intruder Detection and Lockout

Ten login attempts with an incorrect password will put your account into an "intruder locked disabled state." After a set period of time, the account is unlocked and you can try logging in again. For security reasons, we are not posting the amount of time that must elapse before the account is unlocked. Call the Information Technology Help Desk at 568-3555 for additional information regarding the status of your account.

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Error Messages

When changing your password:

1)      If you type your old password incorrectly twice in a row, you will receive the error message “Sorry, the old password you entered was incorrect. Please try again.”

2)       If you try to use a password that you have used before, you will receive the error “Your new password does not meet the password policy requirements. Please try again.”

3)      If your new password does not meet the password construction rules, you will receive the error “Your new password does not meet the password policy requirements. Please try again.”

4)      If you do not type your new password the same both times, you will receive the error “New passwords entered do not match”  


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Security Alert/Awareness

JMU will NEVER ask for your e-ID password! If you send your password in response to an email link or message, or verbally provide it to someone, please complete the following steps immediately:

  1. Login to MyMadison, click the MyAccounts tab then the Password Management link.
  2. Choose “Change your password”, complete security awareness training and then change your password. 
  3. Choose “Update your One Time Password (OTP) Reset Registration.”  Verify that your One Time Password (OTP) information was not changed.  This is required because the other person would be able to use this in the future to change your password and regain access to your account.

JMU complies with applicable requirements and "best practices" with respect to password cycles and security awareness training. The primary reason behind requiring periodic password changes is to limit the password's usefulness in the event it is compromised. The technology industry's best practices indicate passwords should be changed every 90 days, preferably more frequently. Adhering to this practice helps ensure the security of JMU's data and systems.

JMU is mandated by certain laws and regulations to establish and maintain an information technology security awareness program to ensure that all individuals are aware of information security threats, the associated impacts of a compromised password, the risks of using the internet (viruses, scams, identity theft, etc.) and their responsibility in safeguarding JMU data. Best practices require on-going updates and refresher training. Since everyone at JMU has an electronic ID (e-ID), linking the security awareness training to the e-ID password change process ensures that all JMU students, faculty, staff and affiliates are exposed to training on a regular basis.

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