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Mac OS X Panther(10.3.9)

Adding Printers Using the IP Address

  • First open the Printer Setup Utility
  • This can be accessed by opening the hard drive, entering the Applications folder, and then the Utilities folder

  • Once the program is open go to the Printers menu and select Add Printer...
  • A Printer Browser window will now appear
  • Make sure the IP Printing option is selected from the drop down menu
  • If the printer is a HP select Socket/HP Jet Direct from the Printer Type: drop down menu, otherwise choose Internet Printing Protocol
  • Now enter the IP address of the printer in the Printer Address: field
  • Feel free to adjust the Queue Name: to your liking

  • Next you will need to pick the Printer Model: from the dop down box
  • If the printer is not listed choose Generic
  • After this is finished click the Add button

  • The new printer will be displayed in the Printer List