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OSX (10.2 and above) Firewall

Turning on the Firewall in OSX 10.2 and higher

For OSX (version 10.2 and above) there is an security feature built in the operating system a firewall. Turning on the firewall protects your computer from hostile computer activity or intrusion directed at your machine.

To turn the firewall on:
1. Open up your System Preferences:

2. Click on the Sharing icon:

3. Click on the Firewall tab:

4. Click on the Start button:

5. The screen should change from Firewall Off to Firewall On:

And, for the most security, remember to always R.U.N.S.A.F.E.:
REFUSE to Run Unknown Programs
UPDATE Our Computers Regularly
NULLIFY Unneeded Risks
SAFEGUARD Our Identity and Password
ASSURE Sufficient Resources for Proper System Care
FACE Insecurity
EVERYBODY Needs to Do Their Part