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Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Installation

JMU Information Technology has tested and certified Apple's latest operating system. We have not purchased a university-wide license for Mountain Lion; however, IT has purchased upgrades in quantity to make the OS available to departments for $9.99 per copy. That is the actual cost; no one is profiting from this (except for Apple.)

To request a Mountain Lion installation, complete the form available under "Setup and Installation Request for JMU-owned Computers, Printers, and Mobile Devices" located here:

After authenticating, under option 2, select "New software on JMU-owned computer"
Our staff will contact you regarding scheduling and to get department org code information to recover the cost of the license(s).
*Please note* As with all operating system installations we perform, our Mountain Lion installation reimages the Macintosh's hard drive. All applications and data need to be reloaded after imaging is complete. We work with customers to ensure the process flows smoothly, but it never hurts to ensure those super critical files are backed up to the network file storage. 

Not sure of your operating system? Please look at How to find your OS page  

BootCamp, Parallels Support Statement

Boot Camp, VMFusion, Parallels, and dual-boot functionality are not supported.