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Force Quitting an Application...

In Mac OS X, you may occasionally find that certain applications lock up and do not respond to any commands you issue to them. Because the application will not respond to any command, including Quit, its icon will remain in the Dock and its windows may stay open.

When this happens, sometimes the only solution is to issue a Force Quit command. Force quitting an application will quit the application without saving your latest changes, but it's often the only course of action to revive the misbehaving application short of restarting your entire computer. Fortunately, with Mac OS X, force quitting will usually allow you to relaunch the application after you force quit it, so you can continue to work normally. Note: this may cause your Macintosh to crash. Use this only as a last result.

To Force-Quit an application:

  1. Hold down Option-Apple-Escape
  2. Select Program from list
  3. Select Force Quit
Force quit menu image