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Macintosh OS X - Diagnosing Startup Issues

Mac OS X has various features that diagnose startup issues. One diagnostic is beeping and the other is graphical.

If your Macintosh beeps at startup, then there is an error. Refer to the table below:

Startup Issue
1 Beep No RAM
2 Beeps Incompatible RAM
3 Beeps No good memory banks
4 Beeps No good boot images in the BootROM
5 Beeps Processor Unusable

If there are no beeps, then you will here the Startup tone. Then, you will see one of the following images on the screen:

Metallic Apple
Found BootX

Circle with slash
Couldn't find BootX on startup volume
Flashing square
with Globe
Looking for BootX on remote disk via network
Small metallic
spinning globe
Found BootX on network

Flashing ? over
a folder or
floppy disk
No startup disk locally or on the network
A broken folder May appear if components were renamed or moved
A blackbelt
around a folder
May appear after a Mac OS 9 Restore

Typically, you will want to see a metallic apple when you boot up. However, if you see the circle with slash, the folder with a ?, a broken folder, or hear any beeps as described above, then please call the Information Technology Help Desk at (540) 568-3555.