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Set up Your JMU Dukes Email Account

Below are the steps to set up your new JMU email account. Once you begin, complete all the steps in one sitting. For security purposes, we recommend that you do not set up your account from a public or kiosk computer.

Your new JMU email address is in the format: "e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu" (ex. Dolley Payne Madison’s JMU email address would be "madisodp@dukes.jmu.edu").

Please be aware that your JMU email password and your JMU e-ID password (for access to MyMadison, secure web pages and more) are different and are not synchronized. When you receive an email to change your JMU e-ID password every 90 days, it will not affect or change your JMU Dukes email password.

  1. To start, you need your temporary password to access your account:

    a. Log into MyMadison: https://mymadison.jmu.edu with your e-ID and password (Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox are recommended for full functionality).

    b. Go to the MyAccounts tab.

    c. Click on the "Get Temporary Password Button" in the lower right-hand box.

    d. Click "Yes-Continue".

    e. Copy the temporary password.

    f. Click the link beneath the temporary password to go to the Dukes http://dukes.jmu.edu email login page .


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screenshot 1
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  1. On the Dukes login page (Office 365):

    a. Enter your full email address (e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu) in the "someone@example.com" box

    b. Enter your temporary password from step 1 In the "Password" box

    c. If working on a public or kiosk computer, do not check the "Keep me signed in" box.

    d. Click the "Sign In" button.

    Note:New email will start to be delivered to your Dukes email account immediately.
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  1. You will be presented with the "Office 365 Update Password" page.

    a. Type your temporary password from step 1 in the "Old Password" box.

    b. Type a new password in the "New Password" box.

    c. Retype your new password in the "Confirm your password" box.

    Note: Please be sure to record your password in a safe place for future use.
    d. Click "Save".
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  1. You will be presented with the "Outlook Web App" page.

    a. Set Language to: English (United States) from the drop down box.

    b. Set Time Zone to: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

    Note: It is important the time zone is set for the time zone at James Madison University or Eastern Time.
    c. Click "OK".
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  1. You will be presented with your mail inbox.

    a. If you wish to manage your account options from here, click on the Gear icon in the upper far-right, and select "Options."

    b. Always be sure to click "Sign out" by clicking the down arrow next to your name.

    Note: Help is available by clicking the question mark icon in the upper right portion of the screen.
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