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Network File Storage

Network File Storage is space allocated on JMU network servers for personal or departmental data files, such as documents, spreadsheets and more.   Information Technology strives to provide network file storage services 24x7.  Department heads or supervisors must request access for a new employee.  Access is created based on your e-ID and the departmental or organizational unit with which you are associated.   You and your co-workers will have access to departmental folders.  Users may also be provided access to a personal “user” folder which has the same name as your e-ID. Additionally, your supervisor may request access for you to other shared folders within your department.  Other department supervisors may request access to shared folders within their department for you.

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 Network file storage provides numerous advantages over local storage, including:

  • Ability to share data with other users
  • Ability to access your own data from multiple locations (on and off campus)
  • Automatic antivirus scanning of data stored on network
  • Nightly backups of all network data with ability to restore if necessary, minimizing risk of data loss due to local hard drive failures

Although ample storage space is provided for both departments and individuals, it is important to periodically review and delete outdated files/folders.