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Retired Software for Macintosh

Software available on this page is offered 'as is'  as a convenience to the JMU
community. There is NO support available for these products from the HelpDesk or
Computing Support.

To Download: click on the link, save the file to your desktop, then double-click
on it to begin installation.


   NOTE: If you already have antivirus software installed, be sure to uninstall
   your current product. Installing multiple antivirus software packages can cause
   conflicts on your system.

   Norton AntiVirus 9 for OS 9 (antivirus) - 21.4 MB
      (approx. 53 min. over 56k modem)

   Norton AntiVirus 7 for OS 8 (antivirus) - 4.2 MB
      (approx. 10 min. over 56k modem)
      For PowerPC Macs only

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