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With the combined efforts of Information Technology, Human Resources and the Office of the Registrar, JMU offers bulk email services. Bulk emails can be used to send information electronically to students and employees.

Students requesting these services must work with a sponsoring faculty member. If a Bulk Email is requested for academic work or research, we will do one Bulk Email on behalf of an entire class, but not for each student or group of students. Also, if a request is for a class project, the FACULTY member must request it, not the student.

Please note, we will not send multiple Bulk Emails as "reminders" to an original Bulk Email.

Please print the Bulk Email Form. You will be prompted for your e-ID and password to open the form. Obtain the department head’s signature on the paper form.

For student mail, send to the Office of the Registrar on the fifth floor of the Student Success Center at MSC 3528 or fax to 568-5615. For employee mail, send to Human Resources at MSC 7009 or fax to 568-7916. For a combined mailing, do both. Please allow 9 working days for mailing, approval and processing.

For more information please read our list of Frequently Asked Questions.