The Union features a number of avenues for advertising for your next big campus event. Get the word out with a fun, banner, or go a little more low-key with a table tent in TDU! It’s all up to you in the Union!

Read below for more information on each type of advertising. Each type can be reserved in the Virtual Event Management Software, if you’re Nuts and Bolts certified. Check out the Event Management Website for the most up-to-date policies on using each type of advertising space.

Banner Spaces

There are spaces for banners on the second floor of the Union and in TDU. These large posters are seen by all of the foot traffic throughout the Union and are easily the largest visual space for advertising available. Banner sizes are specific to the location they are placed. The Union 2nd floor vending area lounge 6′ x 3′, TDU 3′ x 5′, Commons Hill (outdoor) 8′ x 3′. Banners that do not meet the size requirements may be declined for placement.

Table Tents

Want the crowd at TDU to know when your next big gig or org meeting is happening? Table tents can be reserved for the tables in TDU for up to one week. Get the social lunch and dinner crowds to make your event the centerpiece of their conversation using table tents.

Hanging Flyers

The Union Event Services staff can stamp any flyer you want to hang on general purpose bulletin boards around campus. There are several cork-boards around the Union where you can hang approved flyers. Flyers can not be larger than 11″ x 17″. For a complete list of university posting policies go to, Posting Policies

Collection Boxes

There are spaces for two collection boxes in TDU, two on the second floor at the Event Services desk and two on the third floor of the Union. These boxes can be used for charity drives for donations like clothing or canned food. These stay in place throughout your reservation period.


Chalking on the Commons not only adds color to everyone’s day, but it’s a great way to get passersby pumped for your event! A complete list of chalking locations can be found HERE

Other Advertising Options

For a complete list of your advertising options click HERE

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