Fall 2018

JMU has three Transfer Advising Coordinators who work with different regions of Virginia: The Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia, and the Richmond area

Blue Ridge, Lord Fairfax and Piedmont Virginia Community Colleges, and JMU:

Ms. Kate McDaniel, mcdanikm@jmu.edu, or 540-568-5205


Ms. McDaniel is available on the JMU campus (Roop Hall, room 200) full-time during the summer, and most Mondays and Fridays during the school year. Click here to make an appointment.

Blue Ridge CC

Dates: Every Tuesday and Wednesday from August 14th to December 5th. Also the following Fridays: September 21, 28 and October 12.
Location: The Transfer Center, E112
Click here to make an appointment on the BRCC scheduler - select "transfer advisors" in the drop-down box.

Lord Fairfax CC, Middletown Campus

Dates: August 30; September 20; October 4; November 1
Location: Fairfax Hall, room 209A (the conference room)
Click here to make an appointment.

Lord Fairfax CC, Luray Campus

Dates: November 7
Location: Student Lounge
Click here to make an appointment.

Piedmont Virginia CC

Dates: September 13, 27; October 11, 25; November 8
Location: The Admissions and Advising office 
Click here to make an appointment.


Northern Virginia Community College:

Ms. Jennifer Jackson, jacks3jk@jmu.edu, or 540-391-0568 

Alexandria Campus

Information Tables
September 13;  11am-1pm in the Cafeteria
October 11; 1pm- 3pm in the Student Services Center
November 15; 11am-1pm in the Cafeteria

Annandale Campus

Ms. Jackson's primary office is on the Annandale campus in the Career and Transfer Center, CA 105.
Click here to make an appointment.

Loudoun Campus

Dates: September 4, 20; October 4, 18; November 8, 29
Location: Room LR 256A
Click here to make an appointment.

Information Tables, LC Café Area
September 4, 20; October 4, 18; November 8, 29; 1– 3pm 

Manassas Campus

Dates: September 12, October 10, November 14; 1-2:00pm walkins, 2-5pm by appointment 
Location: Counseling Center (MH 110)
Click here to make an appointment. 

Woodbridge Campus

Information Tables, WAS Cafeteria
September 18, October 16, November 13; 1:00-4:00pm

Germanna, John Tyler and Reynolds Community Colleges:

Ms. Regina Adams, adamsrx@jmu.edu or 804-482-0485

Germanna CC, Fredericksburg Campus 

Dates: September 5, 25; October 17; November 1, 28; December 4
Location: Room 228 Dickinson Building
Click here to make an appointment.

Other Events
November 1 VACRAO Tour 12:30-2:30pm

John Tyler CC, Chester Campus 

Dates: October 16 (216J Chester Library); November 13, 26
Location: Chester Library 2nd floor Moyar Hall room M216
Click here to make an appointment.

Information Tables
November 26, 9am-non in Moyar Hall lobby

Other Events
October 16 Teacher Education Information Session, 11am-1pm in room M 201 Moyar Hall

John Tyler CC, Midlothian Campus

Dates: September 6, 12, 18, 24 (T301); October 4, 10, 15, 23, 31 (all October dates will meet in H209 Hamel Hall); November 7 (T305), 12 (T301), 27 (T301); December 5 (H209 Hamel Hall)
Location: Varies, location is listed after the date
Click here to make an appointment.

Information Tables
September 18, 9am-noon in T Building Lobby
October 15, 9am-noon in 2nd floor lobby Hamel Hall

Reynolds CC, Downtown Campus

Location: Room 112
Click here to make an appointment.

Reynolds CC, Parham Road Campus

Dates: September 10, 11, 13, 17, 20, 26; October 1, 3, 9, 11, 18, 24, 29, 30; November 6, 14, 29; December 3, 10
Location: Career Employment & Transfer Center (CETC) room 200 Georgiadis Hall unless othwise noted.
Click here to make an appointment.

Information Tables
September 19, 9am-1pm in Burnett Hall lobby
October 22, 10am-1pm in Burnett Hall lobby
December 10, 9am-noon in Burnett Hall lobby

Other Events
October 25 Teacher for Tomorrow - Information Table, noon-1pm in Burnett Hall; Q&A Session in Lipman Auditorium 1-2pm
Novermber 5 VACRAO Tour 11am-1pm in Burnett Hall

All other Virginia community colleges: 

If you are a student or counselor at any Virginia community college not listed above and have questions related to academic advising, please feel free to contact any of the Transfer Advising Coordinators.

If you are planning a visit to JMU, the Office of Admissions offers several Admissions Information Sessions just for transfer students. You are also welcome to set up an appointment that same day with Ms. Kate McDaniel to discuss your academic plan.

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