Nominations for this year's awards are due May 25th. The awards will be presented during Student Affairs Appreciation Day on June 9th.

Outstanding New Professional

New perspectives, new energy, and new ideas can impact our departments in profound and significant ways. Celebrate and recognize the positive contributions of new professionals in your area by nominating them as an Outstanding New Professional in Student Affairs at JMU.

This should be an individual who has worked 1-5 years in the student affairs field and has contributed in various positive ways to student and/or professional culture on campus.

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Program of the Year

Did a new program meet or exceed expectations this year? Was an older program or event reconceived and implemented in a new and exciting way that had a profound impact on our community? Celebrate those successes by nominating the program or event for Program of the Year.

This award is presented to an outstanding program or event developed and implemented by, or in collaboration with, one or more departments within Student Affairs at JMU. This should be a new program or an existing program that has undergone significant innovation and change to positively impact our community.

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Dr. Jim McConnel Values Award

Dr. Jim McConnel has made a lasting impact on Student Affairs at James Madison University, by actively demonstrating how meaningful living out our central values can be to our community.

This award is presented to an individual or group who, like its namesake, demonstrates a strong and lasting commitment to the central values of Student Affairs: focusing on students, leading courageously, transcending boundaries, creating belonging, advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, embracing innovation and change, and honoring and valuing our staff.

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