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STEM field trips to JMU for teachers

For Grades 7-12: "The JMU STEM Experience" is our no-cost field trip program. We offer a range of two-hour experiences developed and led by STEM professors. Fall semester programs are offered from early October thorough mid-November. Spring semester programs are offered from early February through early April. These experiences are discovery-driven investigations or problem-solving challenges modeled after the research and teaching interests of the faculty developer and host. 

For Grades K-6: Teachers looking for a STEM-themed campus visit are encouraged to explore the list of Virginia standards-aligned, enrichment opportunities offered by our campus partners. 

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Opportunities to share with students and families:

STEM Center-Hosted Opportunities:

Annual Brain BeeFor students ages 13-19. This no-cost event is a day of friendly individual and team competition, hands-on experiences in our neuroscience labs with professors and students, and connecting with peers from across the commonwealth with similar interests. The winner competes in the National Brain Bee in April. There is no cost and the study materials are freely available online. This event is held on a Saturday from ~9-2 in early-mid February. This event is hosted in partnership with the JMU Department of Biology.

Annual Anato-Bee: For high school students. This no-cost event combines individual competition and hands-on lab experiences with JMU Anatomy professors and students. The winner will be invited to compete in the Regional Anato-Bee, which is a run-off competition for the National Anato-Bee. There is no-cost and the study materials are available online. The National Anato-Bee also offers optional online tutoring sessions at no-cost. 

Other STEM Education Opportunities on Campus:

Summer STEM Camps
JMU's School of Professional and Continuing Education offers STEM-themed camps throughout the summer for students in grades K-12. 

This is an annual, no-cost STEM conference designed for girls in grades 6-8. This event is held on a Saturday in March and led by faculty in the JMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics with support from faculty in affiliated departments and colleges.

John C. Wells Planetarium:
In addition to K-12 field trip opportunities, the planetarium also offers a variety of Saturday events for families and a "Sunday Science for Girls" on the first Sunday of the month throughout the academic year.

Mineral Museum:
In addition to K-12 field trip opportunities, the Mineral Museum is open for self-guided and guided tours by faculty and students in the JMU Department of Geology and Environmental Science. Visitors will experience over 1,770 cataloged specimens from five different collections. This includes the remarkable Peter L. Via Collection, which has 378 individual specimens on display from 24 states and 39 countries including a collection of fluorescent minerals. 

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum:
In addition to K-12 field trip opportunities, the arboretum is open for guided and self-guided tours of their public urban garden and forested greenspace. They also offer are a variety of youth programs, nature studies, seasonal workshops, lectures series, and other community events.

This no-cost annual science festival hosted by the JMU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Families and chldren of all ages are invited to learn about the properties and forces behind chemical phenomena through hands-on explanatory activities and demonstrations. This event is held in April. Details will be shared in March on the upcoming events section of the STEM Center homepage and on

Dukes Inspiring Girls Into Technology Across Limits is hosted by the JMU Department of Computer Science. This is a no-cost, annual event held on a Saturday the Fall for girls ages 9-12. JMU faculty and students engage participants in a range of workshops offering hands-on experience with tech tools and concepts. Details will be shared in September on the upcoming events section of the STEM Center homepage and on

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