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First Annual JMU Anato-Bee:

Saturday, February 24, 2024

A competition in anatomy for local high school students.
Local chapter of the National Anato-Bee sponsored by the American Association for Anatomy.

Register to Compete

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Who is Eligible to compete in the JMU Anato-Bee?
  • High School students in VA.
  • There are 40 available spots. The first 20 students to register will be invited to a competition day event at JMU that will run from 10AM-3:45PM.
  • Up to 20 additional students may participate in the competition in a virtual capacity.
  • There is no cost for the competition or the competition day event.
Tentative Agenda for JMU Anato-Bee & Competition Day
  • 10:00-10:30 - Welcome and Introductions
  • 10:40-11:20 - Complimentary Lunch (E-Hall)
  • 11:30-12:00 – Competition Preparation
  • 12:00- 2:00 – Anato-Bee Competition
  • 2:00- 2:30 – Break with light refreshments
  • 2:30-3:45 – Interactive demos & informal Q&A with JMU Anatomy Professors and Students
Competition Format & Preparation
  • All students compete individually on a computer.
  • The first 20 students attending the competition day event will use a provided desktop computer in one of our computer classrooms with our JMU Anato-Bee team serving as hosts and proctors.
  • Remote competitors will use their own device at a suitable location and will be required to have an adult proctor present for their exam.
  • The competition is tentatively scheduled from 12-2:00PM. All competitors across the US will be competing at the same time.
  • Students are provided with a list of free on-line resources to prepare for the competition.
  • Optional tutoring sessions are available at no cost. There are ten of these virtual sessions starting October 8. You can find the resources and tutoring schedule at
Registration Information

To Register:

  1. Go to the registration form at
  2. For the “local chapter” question, enter “James Madison University
  3. For the “proctor” question, enter the name of an adult who would serve as your proctor in the event that you are not one of the first 20 students to register for the in-person event at JMU or if you intend to participate in the competition remotely.
  4. The JMU Anato-Bee team will contact newly registered students at the end of each month (through January or until the first 40 spots are filled) to let them know if they are invited to the competition day event on campus or the virtual competition.

What if I want to compete but I'm not one of the first 20 to register?
If you are one of the other 20 registrants for the JMU competition, you will be hosted by our Anato-Bee team via Zoom and compete remotely; students who register after the first 40 will be assigned to a different hosting institution.

What happens if I place first in the JMU Anato-Bee?

You will be invited to compete in the Southern Regional Bee hosted by the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Auburn, AL on April 6-7 and will be eligible to apply for financial assistance to cover travel and lodging.

Event Background

The Anato-Bee was developed by a collaborative team of Anatomy Professors as an outreach initiative to promote education in anatomy, embryology and histology and is sponsored by an Innovations Program Award from the American Association for Anatomy. February of 2024 will be the inaugural National Anato-Bee, and JMU is excited to be part of this large network of institutions across the US. By adding the competition day event for students in our Valley region, we hope to provide a more enriching and memorable experience that provides opportunities for students to have a college-level anatomy experience while engaging with JMU professors and students. The JMU Anato-Bee and competition day event is a partnership between JMU Biology professors, Lauren Sarringhaus and Dr. Emily Naylor and the JMU Center for STEM Education and Outreach.



  • For questions about the nature of the interactive demonstrations, competition preparation and format, please contact Biology professors and JMU Anato-Bee co-directors, Dr. Sarringhaus ( and Dr. Emily Naylor (
  • For all other questions, contact Dr. Kerry Cresawn (, director of the JMU Center for STEM Education and Outreach. 

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