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Lauren is a graduate assistant working for the Challace McMillin Center for Sport Psychology. She is a current graduate student in James Madison University’s Combined-Integrated Doctoral Program in Clinical and School Psychology. Lauren received her Master of Education in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Sport Psychology from Boston University in 2023, and her Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) degree from McMaster University in 2021. While at BU, Lauren worked as the sports psychology consultant for numerous Division I, Division III and youth sports teams within the athletic departments at BU, Emmanuel College, Davidson College, and Boston Hockey Academy. She is the co-founder of Zhilkin’s Vision, a non-profit organization created with the goals of raising awareness about mental health and advocating for resources within the sport community. Lauren’s work includes team workshops and individual sessions that are customized to meet one's needs and can support athletes and performers in achieving their goals and enhancing their performance in a supportive, collaborative, learning environment. Lauren’s research interests include athletic identity, athletic career transitions and retirement, mental toughness, stress management, and athlete well-being. 

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