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The Challace J. McMillin Center for Sport Psychology at James Madison University offers programs in Virginia designed to educate athletes, coaches and parents how mental skills can increase performance on and off the field of play. We provide mental training for all sports, skill levels, and ages.

Our programs:

  • Teach athletes how to gain a mental advantage in sport and life.
  •  Help coaches enhance their athlete’s development.
  •  Inform parents how to support their child’s pursuit of excellence.

Want to learn about how to support your athletes even more?

Coaching Life Skills Through Sport is a free self-paced, online course that teaches coaches the latest evidence-based strategies for developing life skills and provides a workbook to guide participants in building a manageable life skills program in their own coaching practice. Additionally, it provides examples of how high school coaches are putting these strategies into action within their sport programs. Specifically, participating coaches will learn to:

· label and define key life skills for their program,

· identify strategies for coaching life skills to student-athletes, and

· develop plans to incorporate the strategies during their sport’s season.

Over 88% of surveyed coaches who completed the course found the content very relevant to extremely relevant to their coaching context. Further, these coaches evaluated the course positively (i.e., ease of navigation, organization, and lectures/scenarios/coach videos/workbook activities noted as helpful).

Learn more by registering to complete the course:

Or, check out the executive summary here, for valuable information about some more course details.

Coaches check out this article to learn how you can build life skills with your athletes through trauma responsive coaching! ⬇️⬇️

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"Excellence is the gradual result of always wanting to do better.  Excellence is never having learned enough."

-Pat Riley

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