The Challace J. McMillin Center for Sport Psychology at James Madison University offers programs in Virginia designed to educate athletes, coaches and parents how mental skills can increase performance on and off the field of play. We provide mental training for all sports, skill levels, and ages.

Our programs:

  • Teach athletes how to gain a mental advantage in sport and life.
  • Help coaches enhance their athlete’s development.
  • Inform parents how to support their child’s pursuit of excellence.
Who We Are

We are a collection of sport psychology professionals and students at James Madison University with a demonstrated passion for sport and a strong desire to help athletes, coaches, and parents of athletes achieve their sport- and life-related goals.

Our Mission

To foster the pursuit of performance and personal excellence in the athletic community, and in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and surrounding regions.

Our Values

We believe in the following and are committed to honoring these values in all activities related to the Challace McMillin Center for Sport Psychology:

  • Participation in sport should contribute to the overall physical, psychological, and social development of the athlete.
  • Consistent, optimal athletic performance is made possible only through the complete development of the athlete.
  • The pursuit of excellence in sport is a valuable undertaking in and of itself and can contribute to the overall healthy development of the athlete as well.
  • The pursuit of excellence in sport should not come at the expense of the overall healthy development of the athlete.
  • Ultimately, the striving for and achievement of excellence on the field of play can happen only if there is simultaneous striving for and achievement of excellence in the athlete’s life away from the field of play.
Dr. Challace McMillin

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