Earn a dual Master’s Degree in Education at James Madison University (JMU), United States and University of Salamanca (USAL), Spain. The program leads to a Master in Education (M.Ed.) with a concentration in Spanish Language and Culture for Educators degree from JMU and a Salamanca Masters for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language degree from USAL. This program is an 18-month commitment in which students spend one summer at JMU, one summer at USAL, and three additional academic semesters (fall, spring, fall) in online classes at the students’ home locations. The program focuses on the in-depth study of advanced pedagogical practices in teaching, best practices in curriculum development, and current research in the field of teaching and learning. In addition, students’ content knowledge in the language and culture of Spain will be studied through course offerings supported by the expertise of faculty from USAL. The program is delivered using both face-to-face and distance education models.

Students in the program will enhance their knowledge and skills in the Spanish language and culture. In addition, students will learn current practices in curriculum and design. During the program, students will learn about different learning theories and how these impact their classrooms and/or field. Lastly, the applied research project that students do as a culminating aspect of the program, provides them with an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained throughout the program and with research skills that they can take with them for their future endeavors.  

*The application will open on August 1. March 15 is the deadline to be guaranteed consideration.



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