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Students begin their enrollment in the summer term and graduate in the second fall. For example, a student will be enrolled in the summer 2015, fall 2015, spring 2016, summer 2016, and fall 2016 terms. JMU’s Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships processes federal student loans and private/alternative educational loans to students in this program.

For information regarding aid, see this Financial Aid Info Sheet.

Additional Information can be found by contacting JMU's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships directly.

Contact Information:

JMU Office of Financial Aid
MSC 3519    
738 S. Mason St.

Student Success Center, 5th Floor
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

540-568-7820 (phone)
540-568-7994 (fax)

FAFSA School Code: 003721

Priority FAFSA Filing Date: March 1st  (Must be able to confirm receipt by the federal government by the above date)

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