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Students in the M.Ed. program will live in Harrisonburg during the first summer and in Salamanca for the second summer. Both cities are easy to navigate by foot and have excellent public transportation systems. Students are provided with resources to help them navigate both cities and to explore each cities’ treasures.   



Harrisonburg, an independent city in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia is home to James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University. Previously known as Rocktown, Harrisonburg was named for Thomas Harrison, a son of English settlers, who settled in the Shenandoah Valley in 1737.

Harrisonburg provides visitors with numerous culinary options, a flourishing arts community, endless outdoor adventures, a lively downtown and a diverse mix of performances, annual events and festivals (Downtown Renaissance). In addition, the city is host to a variety of ethnic groups, including Hispanics, who account for 16% of Harrisonburg’s population.


Salamanca is part of the Spanish region known as “Castilla y León” (Castile and Leon). Salamanca is famous worldwide for its culture and for its student atmosphere. The University of Salamanca is said to be the third oldest university in Europe, founded in 1218.

Tourism is probably the most outstanding industry of the city. Thanks to its historical heritage and to the charm of the city itself, Salamanca is considered one of the most beautiful Spanish cities. Salamanca is also where the purest Spanish (or "Castellano") is spoken, which makes the city a popular destination for students wanting to learn Spanish. As one of the most important university cities in Spain, Salamanca supplies 16% of Spain's market for the teaching of the Spanish language. Because of this, Salamanca attracts thousands of international students, creating an exceptionally diverse environment.

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