Semester-long, summer, and winter session programs are available for international study. Students will need to check with their academic department to see if study-abroad courses will transfer and fulfill needed requirements. 
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Winter Programs
Museum Studies in Washington, DC

The Smithsonian

  • ARTH 409: Topics in Museum Studies: The Future of Museums
  • ARTH 394: Introduction to Museum Work
  • ARTH 590: Graduate Topics in Art History

This three-credit program provides an extraordinary opportunity to study one Museum Studies course while living in Washington, DC. Students will visit world-class museums and arts institutions while experiencing the exhibition, gallery, and auction culture of the nation's capital, one of the globe's leading centers for the arts.

Director: Sarah Brooks | brooksst@jmu.edu | SADAH
Director: Leah Stoddard | stoddala@jmu.edu | SADAH

Summer Programs
Dutch Art, Design, and the Humanities


  • ART 292: Special Topics in Art: Dutch Design & Culture
  • GRPH 392: Special Topics in Art: Dutch and Flemish Art & Culture
  • GRPH 340: Poster Design
  • HUM 251: Modern Perspectives: Dutch and Flemish Modernity in The Humanities
  • WGSS 300: Gender and Sexuality in The Netherlands

This study abroad program is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with excursions in Rotterdam, Haarlem, and The Hague. Dutch art, design, and culture are central to the core of the program. We'll explore the rich past of Amsterdam from the 17th century to the present. For Art, this starts with the Golden Age of Dutch painting and ends with iconic imagery that challenges conventions. Experience world-renowned museums and institutions, visits to Dutch design firms, and engaging cultural experiences.

Director: David L Hardy | hardydl@jmu.edu | SADAH
Co-Director: Molly O'Donnell | odonnemc@jmu.edu | English
Instructor: Katelyn Wood | wood2km@jmu.edu| SADAH

Scandinavian Design and Sustainability


  • ARCD 392: Scandinavian Environments: Inside & Out
  • INDU 392: Sweden and Denmark
  • ENGR 480: Green Infrastructure & Biophilic Design Project
  • ENGR 498: Sustainable Design in Scandinavia
  • GRPH 392: Scandinavian Design

This four-week immersive program explores the intersection of design and sustainability in Sweden and Denmark. The program is based in Malmö, Sweden. Malmö's close proximity to Copenhagen, Denmark, enables a seamless exploration of sustainability principles in design across diverse scales, ranging from everyday objects to city streets. Experience firsthand how sustainability can be incorporated into urban form.

Director: Justin Henriques | henriqjj@jmu.edu | Engineering
Director: Carissa Henriques | henriqca@jmu.edu | SADAH

Japan: Art and Architecture

Art and Architecture

  • ARCD 492: Topics in Architectural Design: Sustainability in the Built Environment
  • ARCD 392: Topics in Architectural Design: Depicting Japanese Environments: Antecedent Armatures for Modern Palimpsest
  • ART 392: Topics in Art: Exploration of Japanese Art: Past and Present

Japan: Art and Architecture is a three-week course focused on traditional, modern, and contemporary art and architecture, produced in collaboration with faculty and students at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto and the University of the Arts in Osaka. This program allows us to visit and explore major cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, and we will have day trips to Nara and Uji.

Director: MiKyoung Lee | lee28mx@jmu.edu | SADAH
Director: Jori Erdman | erdmanja@jmu.edu | SADAH

Michelangelo's Italy

Michelangelo's Italy

  • ARTH 205: Survey of World Art: Prehistoric to Renaissance
  • HUM 250: Foundations of Western Culture: Ancient & Renaissance Italy
  • ARTH 327: Topics in Pre-Modern Art: The Cities of Rome & Florence
  • ARTH 489: Special Topics in Art History: Patrons and Curators: Building Italy's Greatest Collections

Michelangelo’s Italy provides first-hand knowledge of the art and architecture of Italy through on-site visits to the archeological sites, monuments, and museums of Florence and Rome. We begin our study by tracing Michelangelo’s origins in Florence, a city still devoted to its most famous son. Often referred to as the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is celebrated for its contributions to art, literature, philosophy, science, politics, and cuisine.

Director: Jessica Stewart | stewa2jl@jmu.edu | SADAH

NYC Global Arts: Museum Studies in New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • ARTH 394: Introduction to Museum Work
  • ARTH 409: Topics in Museum Studies: The Art Market and Museum Collecting
  • ARTH 490: Independent Study
  • ARTH 590: Graduate Topics in Art History

New York City is a leading global arts capital. It is home to some of the world’s most innovative public art, design, and building, and the city inspires contemporary artists and architects worldwide. This location offers a remarkable opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge about the art market and the museum profession and experience the city.

Director: Sarah Brooks | brooksst@jmu.edu | SADAH
Director: Leah Stoddard | stoddala@jmu.edu | SADAH

Ireland, Irish Art and Culture, and Fiber Arts at the Burren School of Art


  • ART 230: Introduction to Fiber Processes
  • ART 392: Special Topics in Art

Experience the magical culture and nature of Ireland while earning 6 credit hours in 3 weeks. At our home base of Burren College of Art, you will explore the Burren region, famous for its natural beauty and unique limestone-based ecosystem, including the Cliffs of Moher.

Director: Dymph de Wild | dewilddg@jmu.edu | SADAH
Director: R. Mertens | mertenrj@jmu.edu | SADAH

British Arts and Crafts Movement in London


  • ARED 392: Topics in Art Education: British Arts and Crafts Movement
  • GRPH 392: Topics in Graphic Design: Brand Identity of the British Arts and Crafts
  • ART 376: Intermediate Book Arts: Concept, Content, Form

British Arts and Crafts Movement in London is a 4-week course that explores the history and impact of this influential movement. The program includes visits to world-renowned museums that offer an in-depth insight into the artifacts produced, workshops of book artists, letterpress studios and calligraphy, and cultural experiences in London. This program is not running in 2024.

Director: Dawn McCusker | mccuskdm@jmu.edu | SADAH
Director: Karin Tollefson-Hall | tollefkl@jmu.edu | SADAH

Religion, Art, and Identity in Sicily


  • ARTH 426: Advanced Topics in Cross-Cultural Art: Religion, Art, And Identity in Medieval Sicily
  • ARTH 205: Survey of World Art I
  • HUM 250: Foundations of Western Culture: Encounters In Medieval Sicily
  • ARTH 490: Independent Study in Art History
  • REL 300: Selected Topics in Religion: Religion, Art, And Identity in Medieval Sicily
  • REL 490: Independent Study in Religion

In Sicily, discover Greek temples, medieval mosques, and golden churches. Eat the traditional granita with brioche for breakfast, see mummified bodies in catacombs, and Roman ladies playing ancient volleyball in bikinis. Explore how Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived side-by-side in medieval Palermo, and how colonial dynamics affected Sicilian culture. This program is not running in 2024.

Director: Maria Harvey | harveymx@jmu.edu | Madison Art Collection and SADAH
Director: Cyril V. Uy II | uycv@jmu.edu | Philosophy and Religion

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