As part of James Madison University 's yearlong Centennial celebration in 2007-2008, uniquely painted and decorated versions of the Duke Dog statue will be on display throughout the JMU campus and Harrisonburg.

The Duke Dog project is similar to those that have taken place recently in a number of cities. The city of Norfolk, for example, featured mermaid statues in its displays. Richmond and Baltimore displayed statues of fish; Chicago, cows; and San Antonio, steers.

The JMU statues will be smaller versions of the large Duke Dog statue that sits in the front of the University's Plecker Athletic Performance Center outside Bridgeforth Stadium.duke_dog

The statues for the project will be made by Lee Leuning, the South Dakota sculptor who created the Duke Dog statue as well as the James Madison statue near the Quadrangle.

The Put Up Your Dukes statues will be two feet long and 22 inches high. They will be made of a lightweight resin and are suitable for display inside a store or building.

Businesses, clubs and individuals are being sought to sponsor statues to locate in Harrisonburg and at JMU.

A number of talented artists from Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Staunton, Augusta County and JMU have agreed to take part in the project and paint the statues in unique patterns.

Designs on the dogs can be chosen by the sponsor in conjunction with the artist. The subject matter on the statues is open although all designs are subject to regulations set by JMU. A special JMU committee must approve all designs.

Sponsorship for a statue is $1,500, which includes the cost of the statue as well as the artist's fee. Sponsors may select an artist from the pool of volunteers or choose their own artist.

The statues can be displayed by the sponsors during the 2007-2008 Centennial Celebration and longer, if desired. Sponsors agree to allow the statues to be displayed at the New Century Centennial banquet in March of 2008.

Further information on the project and applications for sponsors and artists are available from the Centennial Director Fred Hilton (540-568-3474 or ), Centennial Assistant Director Debra Long (540-3474 or ) or Dr. Kathryn Monger, Director of the Madison Art Collection (540-568-6934 or ).

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