KIN 100: Course Description

Kin 100

General Education Mission and Sociocultural and Wellness Objectives

To invite students to know themselves intellectually, emotionally, and physically and to consider the connections between values and behavior.

After completing the Sociocultural and Wellness Gened requirements, students should be able to:

  1. Understand the dimensions of wellness, the various factors affecting each dimension, and how dimensions are interrelated.
  2. Understand the relationship between personal behaviors and lifelong health and wellness.
  3. Recognize an individual’s level of health and wellness and understand how these levels impact quality of life.
  4. Identify and implement strategies that improve an individual’s wellness.

This course is designed to help students adopt and maintain the behaviors associated with an active and healthy lifestyle. Students will learn the facts about fitness, wellness, and physical activity, become an informed fitness, wellness, and exercise consumer, and plan their own personal lifetime fitness and wellness program. Through this course, students will learn the importance of maintaining fitness and wellness through a physically active lifestyle. Through lectures and physical activity labs, students will study and develop the behavioral patterns consistent with the current knowledge base in fitness and wellness.

KIN 100 - Lifetime Fitness & Wellness is unique for three reasons:

  1. It addresses the concept of wellness, providing students the opportunity to examine the multitude of lifestyle factors that influence quality of life as well as risk for chronic diseases.
  2. A considerable portion of the course will be devoted to physical activity and fitness. The emphasis on fitness is understandable in view of the impact fitness has on the other components of wellness. Specifically, the level of physical activity and fitness an individual maintains will directly influence his/her physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness.
  3. Students will combine cognitive and active learning through the lectures, lab “connections”, and physical activity participation. This combination of learning experiences is designed to help students acquire the knowledge, skill and behavior changes necessary to make positive lifestyle choices and optimize their well-being.

KIN 100 is a general education class designed for ALL students in the university regardless of major area of study. The assumption is that all college graduates can experience the health benefits of appropriate regular physical activity. The class allows each student to plan a program of physical activity to meet his/her unique needs and interests and develop independent self-management skills to make healthy decisions throughout life.

KIN 100 is for people of all fitness levels, abilities, and ages. The ultimate goal is to help students plan for a lifetime of fitness, wellness, and physical activity.

Course Topics

Physical Activity Lab Topics