Course # and Name Track A Track B Track C Notes
JUST 301 Special Topics varies with topic; see email announcement & department website
JUST 210 Crime and Criminal Justice x Foundation Course
JUST 212 Theories of Crime and Criminal Justice x Foundation Course
JUST 221 Social Justice Theories x Foundation Course
JUST 223 Social Justice Interventions and Policies x Foundation Course
JUST 235 Justice in the Global Community x Foundation Course
JUST 314 Police Psychology x
JUST 315 Mental Illness & The Criminal Justice System x x
JUST 316 Human Development and Crime x
JUST 317 Victimization of Children x
JUST 318 Sex Offenders x
JUST 319 Psychopathology and Crime x
JUST 320 Organized Crime x x
JUST 322 Understanding Violence x x x
JUST 323 Comparative Criminal Justice CORE (as of Spring 2015)
JUST 324 Death Penalty x x x
JUST 326 Victimology (SOC 326) x
JUST 327 Criminal Law x
JUST 328 Race, Class and Justice CORE
JUST 329 Perspectives on Law x
JUST 330 Corrections (SOCI/SOWK 330) x
JUST 331 Human Rights (POSC 331) x
JUST 333 Negotiations (SCOM 333) x x
JUST 334 Media and Justice (SMAD 334) x x x
JUST 341 Gender and Justice (WMST 341) x x x
JUST 343 Interpersonal Dynamics and Justice x x
JUST 344 Marginalized Populations x x
JUST 345 Restorative Justice x x
JUST 346 Intervention, Reconciliation and Justice x
JUST 347 Drugs, Politics and Society x
JUST 350 Justice and Globalization x
JUST 351 Building Democracy x x
JUST 353 Justice and Development x
JUST 354 Societal Conflicts x x
JUST 357 Environmental Justice x x x
JUST 361 Terrorism x x x
JUST 365 Justice in Literature, Film, & Art x x x when topic is appropriate
JUST 372 Ethics and International Politics x
JUST 373 Rebuilding Post Conflict Societies x
JUST 374 War and Justice x
JUST 375 Genocide in the 20th Century x x
JUST 377 Global Futures x
JUST 385 Disability and Justice x x x
JUST 392 Peace Studies x x
JUST 401 Internship x x x (depends on placement)
JUST 402 Advanced Research in Justice Studies x x x
JUST 403 Nelson Institute Seminar x x x (depends on topic)
JUST 404 Community Based Research x x x (depends on topic)
POSC 230 Introduction to International Relations x Foundation Course/DOES NOT COUNT FOR A NON-TRACK COURSE

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