Masks: A New Face for the Theatre

Alexi Michael Siegel
Theatre Education

This study seeks to reimagine and reinvigorate modern theatre’s relationship with mask work through text- based historical research and practice-based artistic research. It focuses on three ancient mask traditions: pre- and early Hellenistic Greek theatre, Japanese Noh theatre, and Nigerian Egungun masquerades.

The Effects of Ocular Dominance on Visual Processing in College Students

William Alexander Holland

The role of ocular dominance in processing visual memory and analytic tasks is unknown. Research has variably showed both significant effects and no effect of ocular dominance on visual perception, motor control, and sports performance. The goal of this study was to determine if there is a relationship between ocular dominance and visual processing under a variety of computer gaming tasks.

The Roles of Race and Gender in Contagious Yawning

Daroon Jalil

Social psychologists often consider race to be a marker of in- or out-group status. When looking at race, implicit bias can take more subtle forms than outward racism. This study asked two research questions to better understand the psychology behind racial issues.

Using Residential Location to Assess the Environmental Value-Action Gap of Students at James Madison University

Emma Martin
Geographic Science

This study focuses on the environmental value-action gap of students at James Madison University (JMU) in Harrisonburg, Virginia. An environmental value-action gap occurs when a person has pro-environmental beliefs but does not have congruent actions.

Lobbying the Regulatory State: An Examination of Regulation and Revolving Door Lobbying

Charles Lowrance III
Political Science

This study sought to determine if there is a relationship between the degree to which the federal government regulates a certain industry and the number of revolving door lobbyists representing the interests of that industry.

An Alternative Visual Narrative: LaToya Ruby Frazier's The Notion of Family

Madison Schultz
Media Arts & Design and Social Justice and Photographic Media

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s body of photographic work titled The Notion of Family (2003-2014) explores the toll the steel industry in Braddock, Pennsylvania, took on the black community there. This essay contrasts Frazier’s work with that of painter Robert Qualters and photographer Barbara Peacock to assess how her images differ from other efforts to chronicle memory and history in small American towns.


El VPH y el cáncer cervical en el Perú: diferencias de accesibilidad entre las mujeres de las zonas rurales y urbanas / HPV and Cervical Cancer in Peru: The Differences in Accessibiilty for Rural and Urban Women

Jemma Stratton
Social Work and Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Perú ha tomado grandes pasos en las décadas últimas para establecer programas que se dirigen al VPH y la salud de las mujeres. Sin embargo, las mujeres peruanas tienen una población más probable para contraer cáncer cervical en el mundo. Este informe compara los esfuerzos de prevención del VPH entre las poblaciones rurales y urbanas en el Perú y identificar las barreras que causando esta crisis con tres categorías primarias: educación, cultura y accesibilidad.

Peru has gone to great lengths in recent decades to establish programs that target HPV and women’s health. However, Peruvian women remain among the populations most at risk for cervical cancer in the world. This report compares HPV prevention efforts between rural and urban populations in Peru and identifies barriers causing the crisis in three main categories: education, culture, and accessibility.


Jungle Gyms of Justice: Understanding the Urban Park Accessibility Problem

Victoria Holmes
Geographic Science

Urban parks and green spaces have the potential to provide outstanding benefits to both children and adults. However, increased urbanization and the disproportionate placement of urban parks and green spaces can make these benefits elusive. To address the problem, the study proposes increased efficiency of public transportation and increased environmental education through school gardening programs.


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Jackson Westhoff

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