High Energy Battery Team Capstone Project Report

Evan Bowen, Brandon Cash, John Edinger, Matt Muller

James Madison University’s High Energy Battery Team was commissioned in Fall 2011 to conceptualize, design, prototype, test, and construct a high voltage, high amperage battery pack capable of powering an all-electric motorcycle at a speed of 70 miles per hour for a minimum of 150 miles. This project report details the Team’s work to develop a battery which could be used to power a motorcycle. The ultimate project goal is to supply an all-electric commuter motorcycle to a new market segment, reducing dependency on fossil fuels and eliminating vehicle emissions.

"The Woman" and the Women of Sherlock Holmes

Cassandra Poole

Women appear in nearly every Sherlock Holmes novel and short story. The vast majority are victims. Against the recurring oppression of women and women’s sexuality in the Holmes canon, a few exceptional female characters escape their Victorian gender roles. One rises above all others. This essay focuses on women and women’s sexuality within and beyond the Holmes canon to explore our enduring fascination with “the only woman to ever best Sherlock Holmes.”

Where to Park? The East Campus Dilemma

Matthew Lewis

James Madison University’s East Campus expansion has created parking problems. Students struggle to find a decent parking spot, sacrificing time to park and then perhaps more time to walk to class. This research project seeks answers to the parking problems on the east side of campus, specifically the Festival and Convocation lots.

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