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Chart your own path

Would you like to design your own major at JMU? The Independent Scholars program provides motivated students with the flexibility to pursue academic pathways tailored to their interests. 

Each student in the Independent Scholars program identifies an area of inquiry, and creates a plan for coursework, independent research, and experiential learning. 

Why choose Independent Scholars?

  • Enjoy the freedom to explore ideas across disciplinary boundaries and acquire special expertise in evaluating and integrating knowledge from different fields of study.
  • Cultivate creativity, independence, and problem-solving qualities in high demand by employers and post-baccalaureate programs.
  • Complete Honors seminar, elective, and capstone requirements in the major.
  • Students who double-major can incorporate coursework from the second major in their self-designed curricula. It is also possible to build an individualized major around a stand-alone minor. 


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