Life In the State of Poverty Simulation

This is a welfare simulation experience developed by the Reform Organization of Welfare Education Association of Missouri (ROWL). It is designed to sensitize health and human service students to the realities faced by low-income families.

The simulation places participants “in the shoes” of a family member in a low socioeconomic situation. The task of the families is to provide for basic necessities and shelter for one month consisting of 4 fifteen minute “weeks”.

In the process of trying to take care of their families, participants gain an understanding of poverty by experiencing some of the confusion, defeat, frustration, exhaustion and despair that low income families experience. 

Building Cultural Humility Workshop (BCHW)

The purpose of the BCHW is to provide a forum for students and faculty across disciplines to acknowledge personal, professional and organizational dynamics that influence the quality of their patient care and their interactions with colleagues.

This workshop convenes students from health and human services to explore vital cultural issues of diversity, power and privilege.

Students and faculty are invited to examine personal and institutional values that influence their thoughts, feelings and actions through a series of shared readings, video, group presentations, and respectful discussion.


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