The JMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics has worked with the Virginia Department of Education to establish an approved program for JMU graduates with the IdLS major, education minor, and mathematics concentration to become endorsed to teach mathematics courses through Algebra I.

Interested students will need to have credit (either by taking the course at JMU or by transfer credit) for the following courses:

  • Math 107, Math 108, Math 207
  • Math 304, Math 305, Math 306, Math 307
  • Math 135

In addition, the following grade requirements must be met:

  • C- or better in each of the above courses, or in a course which substitutes for one of the above
  • 2.75 or better cumulative GPA for all the math courses that are required for the endorsement. 

The Algebra I Add-On endorsement is not tracked on students' MyMadison Student Center. Instead, students will declare the endorsement when they apply for teacher licensure, indicating on the licensure application that they are seeking the Algebra I Add-On. Please contact staff in JMU's Education Support Center for assistance.

If interested, please notify your IDLS academic advisor, who can help forecast when to take these math courses. More information about the endorsement itself is on the Math Department's website; or contact them in Roop Hall Rm. 308 or by phone 540-568-6408.

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