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Scenario #1
A misunderstanding has developed between Taylor, a new employee, and Morgan, her co-worker. Their conflict revolves around expectations for their roles in the office and their differences regarding personal habits. Their supervisor referred them to mediation with the hope they can resolve their differences without her intervention.

Scenario #2
Bill is the supervisor in a lab and is responsible for the smooth running of the lab and new programs. His employee, Jason, does a good job and likes to take ownership of his responsibilities. Bill delegates the investigative legwork to Jason and regularly checks up on the progress of the project, making helpful suggestions to make the work easier for Jason. Jason feels his boss is looking over his shoulder and micromanaging him. Bill feels he is making Jason's work easier by offering suggestions.

Scenario #3
Aubrey and Quinn are both professors who teach classes that require lab work and are responsible for scheduling one of the Lab Technicians to assist during class. Aubrey has always scheduled Parker as the Lab Tech for her class because of his experience and pleasant disposition. But this year Quinn beat her to it and scheduled Parker for his class. Aubrey met Quinn in the hallway outside their offices and a confrontation occurred.

Scenario #4
As a result of a new department initiative, a supervisor has shifted job duties and responsibilities affecting several employees. Since the employees were not part of the changes, the level of uncertainty and ambiguity has increased while trust for their supervisor has decreased. The changes are causing these employees to feel disconnected and unsure of their overall purpose and place in the department’s big picture.

Scenario #5
Paige is very upset because Hayden thinks and acts like she is the only one who does any work around the office. She’s worked at JMU longer than Paige and holds that over Paige’s head. She claims that Paige doesn’t do her share of the work but Paige ardently disagrees. Both are very good at their jobs but Paige resents being told by Hayden that she doesn’t do her share of the work. Paige admits that they used to work together beautifully but says that Hayden has an attitude now that makes her difficult to work with. Paige has made several suggestions for the new project they are working on but according to Paige, Hayden just ignores them and does it her way.

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