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Code of Conduct

All employees are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that supports JMU’s mission and the performance of their assigned duties and responsibilities with the highest degree of public trust.

Wage employees are expected to satisfactorily perform all assigned duties. While wage employees are not subject to formal performance evaluations, managers and supervisors will monitor employee performance and provide informal performance evaluation and coaching as needed.

In accordance with Conflict of Interests JMU Policy 1106, no JMU employee shall accept any business or professional opportunity when that employee knows that there is a reasonable likelihood that the opportunity that is being afforded will influence him or her in the performance of his or her official duties.

Wage Employment JMU Policy 1325

Wage employment is employment within the university to meet part-time, temporary or seasonal needs. Wage employees are at-will employees. An at-will employee may resign from work or be terminated from work, with or without cause, with or without severance, and without advance notice.

Wage employees cannot participate in the state's health insurance program, nor can they participate in life insurance, retirement, or other benefit programs. However, wage employees may participate in tax-deferred compensation programs and Aflac insurance.

Wage employees are limited to working no more than 1,500 hours during each 12-month period of May 1-April 30. In accordance with the Virginia Manpower Control Program, wage employees may not exceed an average of 29 hours per week over the standard measurement period, May 1- April 30 of each year.

Supervisors may allow wage employees to temporarily exceed the 29 hour per week limit, provided this exception is planned for and approved by Human Resources. Wage employees may work multiple part-time jobs at the university; however, ALL part-time hours worked are combined for calculating the average number of hours worked per week. Hours worked may include any combination of hours associated with the following job classifications: Recurring, Temporary, or Part-time Salaried Non-Teaching positions, Part-time wage (1500 hour positions), Student wage (Federal Work Study is exempt), Graduate Assistants/Teaching Assistants, and Adjunct Instruction.

The responsibility to plan, schedule and track part-time work falls to the employee and the hiring department with oversight and support provided by the Provost’s Office, Student Employment, and Human Resources. Failure to adhere to these regulations may result in penalties for the employee and the employer. 

Affordable Care Act regulations also mandate that full-time employees who leave employment with the university may not be re-hired to work any part-time hours until the employee has been separated a minimum of 26 weeks.




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