Thank you for your service to James Madison University. If you are in the process of terminating your full-time employment with the university, carefully review the following information.

JMU Property

Review the Checklist for Supervisors of Transferring or Separating Employees with your supervisor to be certain that JMU property, computer systems and other equipment has been collected or deactivated according to university policy.

MyMadison and JMU e-mail

Separating employees continue to have email access and access to MyMadison 30 days after your employment ends. Adjunct faculty will continue to have access for 130 days after employment ends. If you have previously consented to receive your W-2 electronically, foregoing a paper copy, be sure to access and print your prior year W-2s before losing access to myMadison. To receive your current year W-2 in a timely manner make sure your address is correct in MyMadison. If you no longer have access to MyMadison you will need to email Payroll Services,

Scheduling your Exit Interview

An exit interview, a one-on-one meeting with a Benefit Specialist, is an important and necessary step when leaving the university.  We will discuss in-depth how each of your benefits are affected upon leaving the university and possibility extending health insurance coverage.

During the interview, you may provide feedback on your employment experience, which will help us to assess what the university could improve, change or remain intact. It is also used to assist the university in reducing employee turnover while increasing productivity and engagement.

To schedule, use our online scheduler which allows you the flexibility to schedule an in-person meeting or a phone conversation at a time that suits your needs.

Completing an Online Exit Survey

In addition to participating in an in-person Exit Interview, departing full-time employees will receive an invitation by email from to participate in a brief online Exit Survey. Please complete the survey within 48 hours of receiving the link. We value your employment experience feedback

Group Life Insurance Company

If you terminate your employment, and are not retirement eligible, you may be able to continue your optional life insurance protection. Your right to do this is called a conversion privilege. In order to exercise your conversion privilege, you must do so within 31 days after your group insurance ends. Your group life insurance plan will end the last day of the month of your separation date. For more details regarding the conversion privilege refer to the Minnesota Life website.

If you meet age and service requirements to retire at the time you terminate employment, but delay your retirement, your life insurance remains in effect at no cost. The 25 percent annual reduction in the amount of your coverage begins the month following the month of separation from service.

The university will assist coordination of benefits for active members in the event of a death, at which time your beneficiary or family member should contact Human Resources. In the event of a retiree death your beneficiary or survivor should contact Minnesota Life.

Group Long-Term Care Insurance

When you leave or retire from your position, you may continue coverage with Genworth Life Insurance Company.

Health Insurance

The federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires employers that sponsor group health plans to offer employees and their families the opportunity to temporarily extend their health coverage at group rates in certain instances where plan coverage would typically end.

The group health continuation coverage under COBRA notice includes information for you and your spouse about the rights and obligations under the COBRA provision and provides answers to several frequently asked questions.

COBRA enrollment information will be mailed directly to your home address upon separation from employment.


Virginia Retirement System (VRS)

If you are a VRS member, you may request a refund of your retirement contributions and interest, roll them over to a qualified retirement plan or keep them with the Virginia Retirement System. Review the Leaving Employment page of the VRS website for more information about your options.

Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) (faculty only)

If you terminate employment and are no longer employed in a position covered for retirement benefits by a plan administered or authorized under VRS your contributions will stop, but you can request a distribution from your ORP or leave your money in the ORP and continue to manage your account.

If you have questions about separating employment contact a Human Resources Benefits Specialist or email


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