The Sport & Recreation Leadership program is currently a Concentration within Kinesiology, and there are three separate tracks within the SRL Concentration: Sports Leadership, Recreation Leadership, and Campus Recreation track. Application submission due dates vary for each track. 

The SRL program accepts applications for fall admissions only; there are NO spring or summer admissions. The Sport and Recreation track accepts 15-20 applicants each fall, and the Campus Recreation track accepts 4-6 applicants each fall.

SRL is presently accepting applications for the Fall of 2019.


SRL Application Requirements

In addition to the requirements of the Graduate School, the Sport and Recreation Leadership program requires submission of the following materials:

Two (2) Letters of Reference:

References can be submitted by using the standard JMU on-line form or can be submitted in the form of a letter submitted directly to the SRL graduate director. Ideally, references should come from those who:

  • Speaks to your desire to pursue a career in sport and/or recreation
  • Your academic ability and/or your personal traits
  • Skills which will contribute to your academic and career success. 

GRE is not required, but is recommended.


Emphasis should be placed on showing a positive work ethic and reflecting job and volunteer experience in sport and/or recreation.

Personal Statement:
  • This statement will be evaluated for writing ability and communication effectiveness.
  • It can be any length, but it is requested that you try to keep the statement under 750 words.
  • It must be personally written by the student, not by another or a “professional writer”.
Your statement should convey a strong sense of career direction in sport and/or recreation, and include:
  • Explanation as to why you have specifically chosen to further your Masters’ education at James Madison University.
  • Explanation as to how you feel the SRL Program will help you attain your career goals.
  • A description of your personal traits and skills which you feel will help you succeed in the SRL Program.
  • A brief description of any work experience you have had in the past 10 years in the sport, recreation and/or campus recreation industries and how such experience(s) relate to your career and academic goals.

 An application will NOT be reviewed until all of the above materials have been properly submitted and received.

Recommended Minimums and Application Evaluation
Recommended minimums for GPA: 
  • Undergraduate cumulative GPA should be 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale;

It is recommended that the applicant’s undergraduate degree be in sport, recreation, administration, management, business or a related discipline, but this is not a requirement.

Applicants with a lower than minimum GPA will benefit substantially by showing significant successful industry experience in sport and/or recreation.  Note, however, that an undergraduate internship/practicum will not count as industry experience.

Each application is evaluated as a whole, meeting, not meeting or even exceeding the GPA minimum, does not guarantee acceptance or denial. If, however, you meet none of the minimums or recommended criteria, acceptance is extremely unlikely.

Applications which are most likely to be accepted:

  • Meet or exceed most, if not all, minimums and recommendations.
  • Evidence a passion for working in the sport and/or recreation.
  • Exhibit an ability to clearly and effectively communicate.
  • Show potential to succeed in the SRL program and a sport or recreation career.

Applicants are typically notified of acceptance or denial within two (2) weeks after the application review dates.

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