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In the event of an emergency concerning your child you will be contacted by the Interfaith Peace Camp administrator or the teacher responsible for your child. If you cannot be reached the emergency contact person you provided on the registration materials will be contacted.

If you need to contact your child during IPC please call the IPC administrator. The administrator will be able to connect you to your child by phone or with a message. You may also contact your child directly by personal cell phone for emergencies. Unnecessary calls or texts to participants during classes is a distraction to the learning environment for your child, the instructors, and other students in the class.

IPC administrator’s phone number when camp is in session will be announced in early June.

Safety and Management

Program participants and staff must abide by all university regulations and may be removed from the program for non-compliance with the rules.

  1. The possession or use of alcohol and other drugs, tobacco products, fireworks, guns and other weapons by any authorized adult or participant is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited in all university buildings (Policy 1111).
  2. The operation of a motor vehicle by minors is prohibited while attending and participating in the program.
  3. The parking of program staff and participant vehicles must be in accordance with university parking regulations.
  4. Rules and procedures governing when and under what circumstances participants may leave university property during the program must be specified. In no circumstances may minors be allowed to leave university property without being accompanied by appropriate authorized adults.
  5. No violence by any authorized adult or participant, including sexual abuse or harassment, will be tolerated.
  6. Hazing of any kind by any authorized adult or participant is prohibited. Bullying, including verbal, physical, and cyber, are prohibited.
  7. No theft by any authorized adult or participant will be tolerated.
  8. Misuse or damage of university property by any authorized adult or participant is prohibited. Charges will be assessed against those participants who are responsible for damage or misusing university property.
  9. The inappropriate use of cameras, imaging and digital devices by any authorized adult or participant is prohibited, including use of such devices in showers, restrooms, or other areas where privacy is expected by participants.

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