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Mahatma Gandhi Center

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Faculty Affiliates

 Faculty affiliates are members of the James Madison University faculty who participate in projects of the Gandhi Center, conduct independent research, or teach classes on core issues significant to mission of the Center.

Ken Rutherford, Ph.D., is Director of the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery and Professor of Political Science at James Madison University. He is co-founder of Survivor Corps (formerly Landmine Survivors Network) and is a renowned leader in the Nobel Peace Prize winning coalition that spearheaded the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty and the global movement that led to the 2008 Cluster Munitions Ban Treaty. He has worked for the Peace Corps (Mauritania), UN High Commission for Refugees (Senegal), International Rescue Committee (Kenya and Somalia) and as a Fulbright Professor (Jordan). His latest book, Disarming States: The International Movements to Ban Landmines, was published by Praeger in 2011. He holds a BA and MBA from the University of Colorado (1985 and 1992), and a Ph.D. from Georgetown University (2000).

S. Maclean, professor of Western Religous Thought in JMU's Philosophy and Religion Department, has interests in the broad area of relgion and politics. He seeks to examine these interests comparatively and contextually, and holds advanced degrees from South African and American institutions. He has published specifically in the areas of democratization, political forgiveness and reconciliation commissions.

Suraj Jacob teaches in the Justice Studies department at JMU. His research and teaching focus on the intersections of poverty, politics, conflict, and public policy, particularly in India.

Terry Beitzel, Assistant Professor in the Department of Justice Studies, has primary interests in nonviolence, conflict transformation, restorative justice, human rights and responsibilities, and virtue ethics.  At JMU he teaches Justice and the American Experience and various other courses including War and Justice, Nonviolence, Conflict Transformation, and International Conflict Resolution. 

Josh Bacon
contributes experience as Director of the Office of Judicial Affairs at James Madison University, which includes a restorative justice services and programs. Josh is Co-director of College Student Personal Administration Masters program.