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February 1st, at 5pm in Madison Union 256: Partisan moralism is a mode of thought and action that attributes violence and other social ills to the bad intentions or character defects of certain individuals and groups.  But society's most serious and damaging problems are the products of violent sociopolitical systems designed to maintain the hegemony of elites.  In an era of bitter social divisions and highly personalized politics, how can we move toward transformation of these violent systems?     

ARE THE SIXTIES IN YOUR FUTURE The Potential Revival of Participatory Politics.

Februrary 2nd, 2:30pm in the Moody Hall Conference Room: Based on his experience in popular movements for peace and social justice in the sixties and early seventies, the speaker will discuss the similarities and differences between that era of political instability and and the current period. The major questions are whether present-day movements for and against policies of the Trump regime will generate a sixties-style political explosion, and what roles younger people are likely to play in such struggles.  What lessons of the sixties do we need to keep in mind?             

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Nov 4-5: Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish visits EMU VIEW MORE

Nov 1: Brennan Gilmore presented on becoming fake news after recording terrorism in Charlottesville. VIEW MORE

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America 2017 and Germany 1933: Fair Comparison or Hysteria

Democracy In Peril Series: a open discussion forum for people to discuss the current events in poltitcs. 

Style Matters: Conflict Workshop 2017

Style Matters Conflict Work Shop Image

Style Matters Conflict Work Shop Image

Style Matters Conflict Work Shop Image

Style Matters Conflict Work Shop Image

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