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May 2023 - JMU celebrates graduation of first Valley Scholars cohort

"James Madison University is celebrating the graduation of the first ever cohort from its Valley Scholars program. 17 students from around the Valley graduated from JMU this spring becoming the first college graduates in their families."

February 2022 - Students build solar suitcases for a refugee camp in Kenya

"This month, high school students in James Madison University’s Valley Scholars program will be sending some very special gifts halfway around the world. Two mobile solar power generators, known as “solar suitcases,” are headed to Kenya to provide electricity to students in a refugee camp."

June 2021 - What volunteers found cleaning up litter in Staunton's Asylum Creek

"In less than 10 minutes, the young students picked up 125 cigarette butts along 200 feet of sidewalk outside Bessie Weller Elementary School before scurrying across Route 11 to get to the other side of Asylum Creek."

March 2020 - The way forward: Valley Scholars Program offers in-need locals a path to college 

"The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Amy Cortes always figured that she’d go to work as a day laborer like her parents after she graduated from Fort Defiance High School. But somewhere along the way, the Augusta County teen decided, “I wanted to push myself and go to college.” ..." 

August 2019 - James Madison University set out to help 35 middle-schoolers become the first in their families to attend college. Would they succeed?

"There are 188 Valley Scholars from nearly two dozen middle and high schools in seven school systems across the region. Principals, teachers and guidance counselors identify promising middle school students. Each year, the university receives more than 100 applications for 44 slots..."

July 2019 - First Cohort Of Valley Scholars Kids To Attend JMU

"The other important aspect is the cohort model. These students, although from different schools and localities, meet together on campus at least once a month and have for the past five years. This helps with accountability and the sense that they’re going through the program with others..."

July 2019 - Overcoming the obstacles: Some Valley Scholars endured hardships on the road to graduation

“I would tell someone thinking about the program, ‘This is a really great opportunity, so take full advantage of it because you’re not going to regret it. Sometimes it’s hard, but as long as you just keep with it, then you’ll be OK.’” Joshua also credits the program with improving his social skills and making new friends..."

June 2019 - Program Offers First-Generation College Students Full Ride At JMU

"Broadway High School is situated between two mountain ranges: the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains. Broadway is a mountain town, but also a big farming town with a population of under 4,000 people. The school also has a really high on-time high school graduation rate: over 95%. The school’s dropout rate is lower than the state average..."

April 2017 - JMU seeks to prepare students for college — and offers them scholarships

"James Madison University is an economic engine for the Harrisonburg area. The University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service reports that JMU students, employees and visitors spent more than $480 million in the region in 2015. The university itself spent an additional $282 million there that year..."

April 2016 - Valley scholars celebrate family day

"Valley Scholars’ second Annual Family Day was held on December 5th exclusively with departments from the College of Health and Behavioral Studies (CHBS) on the JMU campus. The Valley Scholars program provides access to higher education opportunities for students in the Shenandoah Valley..."

September 2016 - Two generations of service

"The Kozlowskis are so committed to JMU that they recently made a gift to support JMU's Valley Scholars program..."


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