Appealable Situations

There are some valid reasons to submit an appeal.  Some examples are:

  • A course required for your major is displaying as “No”.
  • You are required to retake a course in order to raise your GPA (major, minor, or cumulative). In this situation, it is important to note there are other rules that also come into play regarding how many times a student can receive financial aid for taking a course. You can learn more about those rules in Section 14: Effects of Repeating Classes of the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship’s “Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid – Consumer Information”.
  • You are required to take a course in order to replace test/transfer credit.

Students who have a valid appeal reason should submit the Appeal Form for Class Eligibility for Financial Aid as soon as possible.
Non-Appealable Situations
  • You want, or need, to be considered full-time for any reason (e.g., insurance, housing, etc.).  Remember, if you are taking at least 12 credit hours a semester, you will be considered enrolled as a full-time student, even if all 12 credits are not “Aid Eligible.”
  • You want to take classes to help make you a more desirable candidate for enrollment in a future degree program (e.g., graduate school, etc.).
  • You are an undergraduate student taking graduate-level classes that will only apply to a future graduate program (These classes are not counting towards any of your current undergraduate requirements).
  • You wish to take additional, non-required, classes for exploratory purposes and you already have earned over the minimum number of credit hours to graduate (generally 120).

Note: This is not an all-inclusive list

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