Vision Statement: The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships supports access to JMU by pursuing an innovative, student-centered approach:  providing guidance, engaging with students, and empowering responsible academic and financial decisions.

Mission Statement: We will ASSIST with identifying and obtaining resources to finance higher education; DELIVER funds in a timely and equitable manner; and EDUCATE, so that informed financial decisions can be made.


For your convenience, our office contact information is located at the bottom of every page of the financial aid site.

Associate Vice President for Access and Enrollment Management
Brad Barnett

Office Operations Manager
Donna Marie McMillan

Customer Service

Email Us
Adrianna Penn: Customer Service Supervisor
Jasmine Winters: Customer Service Representative
Jessica Cortes: Customer Service Representative
Brooklyn Kier: Customer Service Representative


Email Us
Colleen McAvoy: Associate Director of Loans
Christi Knight: Loan Program Advisor - PLUS Loans
Melissa Bohl: Loan Program Advisor
Riney Brown: Loan Program Advisor - Private Loans

Grants, Scholarships, & Compliance

Compliance: Email Us
Brice Hostetler: Senior Associate Director of Compliance

Jessica Hopkins: Assistant Director of Compliance

ISO: Compliance Officer


Scholarships: Email Us 

Steven Cox: Associate Director for Scholarships

Andrea Dyjak: Scholarship Coordinator

Jennie Fink: Scholarship Specialist



ISO: Assistant Director for Grants

John Michael Schott: Grant Specialist, Veteran's Benefits 

Student Employment

Email Us
Amber Weaver-Shifflett: Student Employment Manager
Timley Simmons: Student Employment Coordinator
Klaudia Whipple: Student Employment Assistant


Rick Gardner: Senior Associate Director of Operations
Brandon Crenshaw: Technical Services Analyst
Claire Bergan: IT Specialist


Shari Arehart: Verification Manager

Anne Callahan: Verification Specialist

Ashley James: Verification Assistant

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