2018-2019 Annual Costs

In State
(Full-Time Graduate)
Out of State
(Full-Time Graduate)
Tuition $11,640 $29,544
Room $6,662 $6,662
Board $4,872 $4,872
Books $1,038 $1,038
Travel $1,826 $1,826
Personal $3,052 $3,052
Loan Fees $220 $220
Totals $29,310 $47,214

The figures provided in this Cost of Attendance are used solely for the purposes of determining financial aid eligibility and are NOT a reflection of a student’s bill.

  • The Tuition figure is the typical amount a full-time graduate is charged, but individual charges could vary.
  • The Room, Board (i.e. food), Books, Travel, Personal, and Loan Fees figures are an estimate of what an average full-time graduate student will spend during the academic year. Students could spend more or less depending on their individual living situations and spending habits.

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