Private education loans are non-federal education loans provided by private lenders. They are not a form of federal aid and not backed by the federal government; therefore, they may have terms and conditions that are less favorable than federal student and parent loans. Information about the differences between private loans and federal loans can be found here

If you have received a "Verification Documentation Request" and plan to pursue a private education loan, please review the scenarios below. 

  • I am no longer interested in federal aid and will be pursuing ONLY a private education loan. Do I still need to complete the verification documentation requested? 
    • No. You do not need to complete Verification if you are ONLY interested in a private education loan. If you are not interested in receiving federal aid, including federal student and parent Direct Loans, please notify our Verification Team at
  • I will be pursuing a private education Loan in addition to federal financial aid. Do I still need to complete the verification documentation requested? 
    • Yes. Financial aid cannot be processed until the requested documentation has been received and processed by our office. Failure to submit requested documentation in a timely manner may reduce your financial aid eligibility. 
  • I have already completed a private education loan application with a private lender, but I am no longer interested in the private loan. How do I cancel the private loan? 
  • Contact your lender directly to cancel your private loan and notify the JMU Loan Team at
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