For routine meetings and Student Organization Weekly meetings

  • Look under Facilities/Room Information to find pictures and room configurations for the meeting rooms in both The Union and Festival Conference & Student Center.  Some rooms have a fixed setup and some rooms can be configured in various ways.
  • Make sure you understand the Room Usage and Building Policies for each facility.
  • Classrooms are available in certain academic buildings and can be scheduled at the beginning of each semester as shown under “Notes” on the Event Scheduling Timeline.
  • The academic classrooms are kept locked so Student Organizations must check out a key from The Union Event Services desk for classrooms on the west side of campus, including Memorial, and from the Festival Building Manager office for the east side of campus.
  • Some of the classrooms have limited access on weekends such as those in Engineering/Geosciences and King Hall, or are closed on weekends such as those in Showker.

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