Students in Dr. Bill Hawk's PHIL 150: Ethical Reasoning Class completed an Eight Key Question assignment using various film and media:

Character: Who We Are and How We Became that Way by Hannah Crider

An exploration into the role of character using Powtoon

Client Confidentiality by Abby Langan and Shannon Walsh

An analysis of lawyer’s ethics in a fictional (based on a true) case that includes student interviews and reactions

Conjoined Twins

A Powtoons dramatization using the 8KQ to determine whether a hospital is permitted to perform a separation surgery on conjoined twins that will certainly lead to the death of one twin when the parents refuse consent for the surgery. [Based on the legal case Re A (children)]

The Heinz Dilemma by Aidan Bryant, Reki Everett, Kate Won, and Caleb Gedion

A powtoons silent presentation of Lawrence Kohlberg’s famous Heinz dilemma which asks whether it is morally permissible to steal a life-saving drug.

Overview of the Eight Key Questions by Alyssa Martin

8KQ interpreted as parts to a whole for dealing with ethical dilemmas

Outcomes and Authority by Allison Agoglia and Emilee Vander Werff

Case: the Mount Washington Scam using 8KQ to encourage questioning authority

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