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The Department of Geology and Environmental Science provides opportunities for K-12 students, the public community, and contributes their expertise to K-12 environmental science curriculum reform. Most notably, the department is home to the JMU Mineral Museumdestination for serious collectors, rockhounds and students of all ages. 

Other Examples

~Hosting a pop-up style exhibit that provides numerous hands-on experiences for all ages to learn about the science of ocean drilling, past climates, plate tectonics, and microbial life deep beneath the seafloor. 

~Working with others across the country on developing best-practices curriculum in climate change education

~Collaborating with other institutions on developing and understanding inclusive geoscience field experiences for students with mobility disabilities.

Get Involved!

Geoscience students and faculty interested in giving back and making a difference through outreach, learn about the many opportunities and how to get started here.

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