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An Overview

Our Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty and students reach an impressive number of community members in our region each year, especially with students in grades K-8, which research shows is the most critical time to spark a sustainable interest in STEM. In 2018-2019, they engaged with 1500 elementary school students, over 1800 middle school students, and over 200 high school students. Read more here:

Some Examples

~Developing and teaching hands-on chemistry lessons for STEM days and Family STEM nights at 7 different schools each year.

~Creating a virtual library of chemistry demonstration videos and the science behind the demos for K-12 teachers and students

~Engaging children, parents, and other members of the local community in chemistry activities during Harrisonburg's annual SkeletonFest. 

~Developing and teaching hands-on chemistry activities hosted in JMU's Chemistry labs for the general community with their annual ChemFest, school group field trips, and JMU's Expanding Your Horizons STEM workshop for girls. 

Get Involved!

Students and faculty interested in giving back and making a difference through outreach can learn about the many opportunities and how to get started though the JMU STEM Center or directly contact the outreach representative for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Dr. Wilson

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