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Cohen Center Graduate Scholarship Awards
The Cohen Center Graduate Scholarship Awards is an initiative started by The Cohen Center for the Humanities to provide up to two years of financial support to incoming graduate students from underrepresented groups or first-generation college students. Recipients of this $5000/year competitive scholarship must be doing scholarly work with a substantial humanities component. The second year of funding is dependent on making satisfactory progress in your program of study.

If you are interested in being considered for this award, please consult with your graduate director during the admission process for your program. 

The deadline for submitting all materials is February 28 annually.

Please contact Michael J. Klein at with any questions.

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Cohen Center Graduate Scholars Program
The CC Graduate Scholars Program helps all graduate students undertaking scholarship with a significant humanities and/or interdisciplinary component prepare to present at a professional conference. The program consists of two workshops held at multiple times during the year:

  • Workshop 1: Finding the right conference and crafting a proposal
  • Workshop 2: Preparing and delivering your presentation                   

After the successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible for up to a $500 reimbursement for costs associated with presenting at a regional, national or international conference. Participants must attend both workshops, as well as attend and present their work at the conference, to receive the reimbursement. Eligible professional conferences must be held during 2020 and travel must be completed prior to graduation from JMU.

Completed applications are due by noon on January 15 as an email attchment sent to Michael J. Klein at

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Professional Development

Career & Academic Planning—Student Success Center 3210
Career & Academic Planning (CAP) provides students with the opportunity to learn how to write resumes and cover letters, and conduct internship or job research.

Communication Center—Student Success Center 1155
The Communication Center provides support for presentation development, test preparation and interview skills development.

Graduate Student Association—Madison Hall 4000
The Graduate Student Association (GSA), led and run by graduate students, provides professional and social opportunities to all graduate students.

Office of Prestigious Scholarships—Hillcrest 202
The Office of Prestigious Scholarships facilitates graduate students' application for national scholarships, such as the Boren and Fulbright, by helping them navigate the application process.

University Writing Center—1st floor of the Student Success Center
The University Writing Center (UWC) offers free, individualized writing consultations for graduate students in either face-to-face or virtual environments.

Student Services

Center for Multicultural Student Services—Madison Union (Taylor Hall) 207
The Center for Multicultural Student Services (CMSS) provides educational and celebratory services supporting an inclusive campus community.

Counseling Center—Student Success Center 3100
The Counseling Center provides individual and group counseling, treatment programs and workshops to graduate students.

THRIVE—Madison Hall 4079
THRIVE is dedicated to providing meaningful support and growth opportunities for graduate students of diverse perspectives Towards a Healthy Responsive Inclusively Valued Environment.

University Health Center—The Well (1st floor of the Student Success Center)
The University Health Center (UWC) provides medical care, self-care guides and prevention activities for drug abuse, alcohol abuse and sexual violence.

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