The COB Advising and Support Center suggests you consider the following questions as you make an informed decision about withdrawing from a class.

Reminder: All BBA lower-level core classes are restricted to two attempts, which include withdrawals.

Assess Your Performance in the Class

How am I currently doing?

What does my professor recommend?

How many graded assignments and exams remain?

What do I need to do to improve my performance?

Analyze your Options

What grade can I realistically earn in this course?

Can I repeat this course in the future?

Will it help to go to tutoring or join a study group?

Is this class a prerequisite for other classes I need to take next semester?

Consider the Consequences of your Decision

Do I need a minimum grade in this course for my major?

Will my status (full-time vs. part-time) change?*

Will this impact my financial aid?

Will I need additional time to finish my degree?

*Change of status could affect the following: health insurance, use of UREC, admission to campus athletic events, and/or housing

Use Your Resources

Meet with your professor.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

Check out the tutoring resources available.

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