This resource was created to assist students in making a decision between using the repeat forgive/repeat credit option. The statements below are meant to guide students in which option works best for their specific situation. Students are encouraged to talk to their advisor if they have questions.

Repeat Forgive

Only the second attempt of taking the course is used in the GPA calculation, but both grades remain on your transcript. Students only have two repeat forgive opportunities during their time at JMU.

Repeat Credit

Both attempts of taking the course are used in the GPA calculation, and both grades remain on your transcript. 

To see how the repeat option impacts your cumulative GPA, visit the JMU Academic Advising GPA Calculator.

Which repeat option should I choose?

Repeat Credit

You may want to consider the repeat credit option if you did not receive an F in the course. Typically, students save their repeat forgive opportunities for major/minor courses.

Repeat Forgive

You may want to consider the repeat forgive option if you need a specific GPA to progress. To graduate you need a minimum of a 2.0 in the major and cumulative GPA.

Repeat Forgive

You may want to consider repeat forgive if you have checked your BBA lower-level core classes in the BBA calculator, and you won’t have the required 2.7 BBA GPA.

Either Repeat Forgive or Repeat Credit

Each situation is different, and you will want to review the examples above to see which will make the higher impact.

Selecting your repeat option

MyMadison will default to repeat credit if you do not choose a repeat option. To select your repeat option go to:

MyMadison > Student Center > Enroll Classes > Edit > Choose Course.

You are able to select this yourself until the course adjustment deadline which can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Students are ultimately responsible for selecting which option to use. 

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