Frances Flannery Frances Flannery, Ph.D. (Director, Religion):
Apocalyptic movements, transnational and domestic religious terrorism, eco-terrorism, countering violent extremism

David Owusu-Ansah David Owusu-Ansah, Ph.D. (History):
Ghana, Islam in Africa, West African history

Glenn Hastedt Glenn Hastedt, Ph.D. (Justice Studies):
Intelligence, American foreign policy, conflict studies, political science in a global context

Tammy Castle, Ph.D. Tammy Castle, Ph.D. (Justice Studies):
Comparative policing and penology, international and transnational crime, media studies

Terry Beitzel Terry Beitzel, Ph.D. (Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence):
Nonviolence, Conflict resolution and transformation, Restorative justice, Social and political theory, Positive peace

Edward Brantmeier Ed Brantmeier, Ph.D. (Center for Faculty Innovation):
Peace studies, peace education in New Zealand, Cyprus, India, and the United States

Lennis Echterling Lennis Echterling, Ph.D. (Counseling Programs):Trauma counseling, crisis intervention, consultation and training for fire-fighters and law enforcement in violent and catastrophic events and natural disasters

Anne Stewart Anne Stewart, Ph.D. (Graduate Psychology):
Crisis intervention and resilience, humanitarian demining, children and trauma

Shin Ji Kang Shin-Ji Kang, Ph.D. (Education):
Refugee education, South Korean education, religion and education

Jonathan Miles Jonathan J. Miles, Ph.D.:
Director, Virginia Center for Wind Energy at James Madison University

Lisa TubachLisa Tubach (School of Art, Design, and Art History):
Impact of art on sustainability, marine ecology, toxins and environmental degradation

Christina Kilby Christina Kilby (Philosophy and Religion Dept)

Iain MacleanIn Memoriam, our dear friend and colleague, Iain S. Maclean, Th.D
Iain S. Maclean, Th.D. (Philosophy and Religion Dept)
Western, Southern African, Latin and North American Religion; Peace and National Reconciliation Commissions; Race, Religion and Politics.



Frances Flannery, Ph.D.

Director, Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Terrorism and Peace
Professor of Religion, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion

MSC 8006, James Madison University
Harrisonburg VA  22807
Office Phone: 540.568.6340
FAX: 540.568.8072


Ph.D. in Religion, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. 

M.A. in Religion, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.

B.S. in Environmental Science, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.


  • Radical apocalyptic terrorism
  • Ideological and single issue terrorism
  • Public policy and biblical interpretation
  • Religion and environmental crisis

Today, the vast majority of terrorism is religiously and ideologically motivated, often by an apocalyptic worldview.  Dr. Flannery has extensively researched the phenomenon of apocalypticism from antiquity to the present day, including a broad scope of apocalyptic groups and literature throughout history, experiential religious phenomena and rituals associated with the apocalyptic groups, and artistic/cultural expressions of apocalypticism in media.  This sweeping understanding has allowed her to delineate key indicators that signal when an apocalyptic group will become violent.

Her case studies have included groups involved in Shi겡a and Sunni radical Islamist terrorism, eco-terrorism, New Age religious extremism, and Christian Identity domestic terrorism (U.S.).  Additional areas of expertise include: cultural and policy debates over biblical interpretation, representations of religion in the media, and apocalyptic influences on the climate change debate and environmental degradation or protection.


Forthcoming 2018.     Frances Flannery. Effective Policy and the Rising Threat of Radical Islamist and Radical Christianist Nuclear Terrorism. In The Ecology of Violent Extremism. Lisa Schirch, ed.

2016.     Flannery, Frances. Understanding Apocalyptic Terrorism: Countering the Radical Mindset. London: Routledge Press. [Book].   

2016.     Frances Flannery and Rodney Werline, eds. The Bible and Political Debate: What Does It Really Say?  London: Bloomsbury, T&T Clark.

2014.     Frances Flannery, Towards a New Social Memory of the Bosnian Genocide: Countering Al-Qaeda's Radicalization Myth with the CIA.  Bosnia, Intelligence, and Clinton Presidency Archive.   The Role of Intelligence in Ending the War in Bosnia in 1995.  Ed. Timothy R. Walton. Lanham: Lexington Press: pp. 111-132.

2013.     Flannery, Frances and Michael L. Deaton, Timothy R. Walton. Radical Apocalypticism and Iranian Nuclear Proliferation: A Systems Oriented Analysis. International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

Select Publications On Early Apocalypticism in Judaism and Christianity:

2014.      Flannery, Frances. Dreams, Visions, and Religious Experience in the Apocalypses and Apocalypticism. Oxford Handbook of Apocalypticism.  Ed. John J. Collins.  London: Oxford University Press.

2008.      Flannery, Frances and Colleen Shantz, Rodney Werline, Eds. Experientia, Volume One: Inquiry into Religious Experience in Early Judaism and Christianity.  Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature Press, 2008; Leiden: E. J. Brill.

2006.     Flannery-Dailey, Frances. Lessons on Early Jewish Apocalypticism and Mysticism from Dream Literature.  In Paradise Now: Essays on Early Jewish and Christian Mysticism.  Ed. April Deconick; Leiden: Brill and Atlanta: SBL Press: pp. 231-248.

2004.      Flannery-Dailey, Frances.  Dreamers, Scribes, and Priests: Jewish Dreams in the Hellenistic and Roman Eras.  Journal for the Study of Judaism Supplementary Monographs 90.  Ed. J. J. Collins. Leiden: E. J. Brill. 

Research Projects In Progress:

Inter-Cultural Communication in an Age of Conflict.

"Explaining Torture as a Commitment Mechanism: An Argument Against State-Sanctioned Torture."


  • REL 101 - Introduction to World Religions (Honors and General Education) (Spring 2016, Summer 2015, Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013, Fall 2011, Fall 2010, Spring 2010, Fall 2008; Spring 2008)
  • REL 200 - Exploring Religion (Theories) (Spring 2016)
  • REL 201 - Introduction to Hebrew Bible / Old Testament (Fall 2017, Fall 2015, Fall 2012, Spring 2011; Fall 2009; Spring 2009; Fall 2007)
  • REL 300 - Hebrew Language and Culture (Fall 2013)
  • REL 300 -  Topics in Religion and Culture: Religion and Monsters (Fall 2012)
  • REL 300 - Topics in Religion and Culture: Religion and Film (Summer 2011, Summer 2008, Spring 2008)
  • REL 320 - Judaism (Spring 2017, 2011, 2010; Fall 2007)
  • REL 333 - The Other Bibles: Dead Sea Scrolls, Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha (Fall 2016)
  • REL /IA 363 - Apocalypticism, Religious Terrorism, and Peace (cross-listed with the Intelligence Analysis program) (Fall 2017, Fall 2015, Spring 2013, Spring 2012, Fall 2010, Fall 2009, Fall 2008)
  • REL 460 - Senior Capstone: Apocalypticism and Mysticism in Early Judaism and Early Christianity (Fall 2011; Spring 2009)
  • REL 460 - Senior Capstone: The Bible, Politics, and Environmental Justice (Spring 2017)
  • REL 460 - Senior Capstone: Jewish Mysticism (Spring 2014)
  • IA 480 -Intelligence Analysis: Simulation of Outcomes of The Iranian Nuclear Program (co-listed at The University of Virginia) (Summer 2012)
  • REL 490 - Independent Studies: Religion, Violence, and Identity Conflicts (Fall 2017); Biblical Hebrew I, II, III (Spring 2016, Spring 2012, Fall 2008); Religious Terrorism (Spring 2013); Peace Studies (Spring 2013); Advanced Studies in Dead Sea Scrolls (Spring 2012); Japanese Religions and the Environment (Spring 2012)
  • REL 495 - Religion Internships: 4 CISTP Student Research Interns (2017-2018) for Security, Identity Conflicts, Education, and Religion; 6 CISTP Student Research Interns (2016-2017) and 5 CISTP Student Research Interns for Refugees, Climate Change, and Security (Spring 2015); 1 Intern for Research on Religion and Politics (Fall 2015) ; 4 CISTP Student Research Interns for Kosovo, Environmental Sustainability, and Religion (Spring 2014); 5 CISTP Student Research Interns for Balkans War and the Dayton Accord (Spring 2013); Multiple Teaching Interns (Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Fall 2012, Spring 2012, Fall 2011)

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  • Society of Biblical Literature, 1996-present.
  • American Academy of Religion, 1996-2011, 2017-present.
  • Peace and Justice Studies Association, 2016-present.
  • International Association of Intelligence Educators, 2012-2016.
  • European Consortium for Political Research, Standing Group on Political Violence, 2015-2016.
  • International Studies Association, 2012-2014.
  • Association for Jewish Studies, 1996-1998, 2004-2009.
  • American Association of University Professors, 2003-2007. 
  • Association for the Scientific Study of Religion, 2004-2005.


Presenter. Theorizing the Social Function of Torture and Torture Narratives: In-Group/Out-Group Formation as a Commitment Mechanism. Torture, Abuse, and Desecration in the Name of Religion. Brown University, May 7-9, 2017.

Respondent. Book Review Session on Frances Flannery, Understanding Apocalyptic Terrorism, Mysticism, Esotericism, Gnosticism in Antiquity Section, Society of Biblical Literature National Meeting, San Antonio, TX, Nov. 21, 2016.

Invited Speaker. Countering Violent Extremism: Peace Strategies, at conference on The Ecology of Violent Extremism.  Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research, Center for Justice & Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, and the Alliance for Peacebuilding.  November 5-6, 2016.

Invited Lecturer, Rethinking "Counter-terrorism" in Light of the Rising Nuclear Threat from Apocalyptic Al Qaeda and ISIS, at conference on "Exploring the Religious-Policy/Security Nexus in Responding to Critical Contemporary Regional/Global Challenges."  Kozmetsky Center, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, with NATO's Public Diplomacy Division. November 1-2, 2016, Austin, TX.

Invited Distinguished Lecturer and Professor for Master Class. Our Apocalyptic Moment: The Rise of Terrorism, the Collapsing of Modernity, and the Fight for Social Memory.Presented at the Autumn School, joint-convening of NOSTER Netherlands School of Theology and Religion, and NISIS Netherlands Interuniversity School of Islamic Study, Oct 25-28, 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Invited Lecturer. Marshaling Authority: Why Politicians Use the Bible. The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, Oct. 17-19, 2016.

Invited Lecturer. Fostering Peace in an Age of Terrorism: How We Make it Better and How We Make It Worse. Barton College, Wilson NC, September 26, 2016.

Invited Lecturer. Peacebuilding in an Age of Terrorism. Summer Peacebuilding Institute, Eastern Mennonite University, May 1, 2016.

Presenter.  Commitment Mechanisms in the Book of Daniel: Fostering Loyalty in Jewish Antiquity and the Extremist Present.  Theology of Hebrew Scriptures Section and Book of Daniel Section.  National Society of Biblical Literature Conference.  Nov. 22, 2015, Atlanta, GA. 

Presenter on Panel with Randall Amster and Edward Brantmeier. Pathways Towards Sustainable Peace: Peace Ecology, Critical Peace Education, and Biblical Studies.  Peace and Justice Studies Association. October 15-17, 2015, Harrisonburg, VA.

Presenter. The Role of Commitment Mechanisms in Terrorist Radicalization, in the panel The Role of Ideology in Violent Politics.  European Consortium for Political Research, Standing Group on Political Violence.  Montreal, Canada, August 28, 2015.

Presenter. Fostering Loyalty in the Jewish Diaspora: The Book of Daniel and Commitment Mechanisms.  Barton Scholars Conversation, May 19-20, 2015. Wilson, N.C.

Presenter. Locating Biblical Scholars as Border-Crossers.  Sacred Texts and Public Life Special Session, National Society of Biblical Literature Conference, San Diego, CA, Nov. 22, 2014.

Presenter. Towards a New Social Memory of the Bosnian Genocide: Countering Al-Qaeda's Radicalization Myth with the CIA's Bosnia, Intelligence, and Clinton Presidency겡 Archive. Intelligence and the Transition from War to Peace; James Madison University, VA, Mar. 19, 2014.

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See a recent curriculum vitae of Frances Flannery here.


David Owusu-Ansah, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow, Center for the Interdisciplinary Studies of Terrorism and Peace
Professor, Department of History
MSC 2001,
58 Bluestone Dr.

James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807 540.568.6743


Ph.D. in African History, Northwestern UniversityLester Martin Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

M.A. Islamic Studies, McGill University, Montreal Canada

B.A. (Hon), Ed. Religious Studies, University of Cape Coast, Ghana, West Africa


  • Religion and Politics in Africa with special emphasis on West Africa
  • Islam and the secular state in sub-Sahara Africa with special emphasis on Muslim reactions to secular education
  • Muslim-Christian relations in Ghana as case study for ecumenical peace in sub-Sahara Africa

David Owusu-Ansah has taught African and world history at James Madison University since 1986.  His research is in the subject of Islam with a special interest in Islam and tolerance.  Focusing on his native Ghana, where his pervious training prepared him to investigation the traditional Ghanaian religions, Owusu-Ansah's research preference is to continue to assign value to traditional institutions and assess how much government programs or modernity has impacted them.  The purpose is to understand the conditions under which the culture of religious tolerance changes.  In 2005, Dr. Owusu-Ansah teamed up with Harvard University Professor Emmanuel Akyeampong in the Harvard/Michigan State Diversity and Tolerance in the Islam of West Africa project to study ecumenical relations in Ghana.  It was by such prior research that led to Owusu-Ansah겡s invitation in 2007 to participate in the TrustAfrica workshop on the challenges of religion and pluralism. Dr. Owusu-Ansah has written on Islam and the state in Ghana and his latest publication is on Muslim education and secular education aspects of which was delivered as a Cultural Knowledge Consortium (CKC) presentations. David Owusu-Ansah is also the author of three editions of the Historical Dictionary of Ghana, and he has given interview on Ghana and on the subject of Islam on BBC, Voice of America, and public radio.


Historical Dictionary of Ghana, 4 th edition (Scarecrow Press, A Division of Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Maryland, 2014).

Islamic Learning, the state and the challenges of education in Ghana (Trenton, NJ, Africa World Press, 2013) with Abdulai Iddrisu and Mark Sey. Islam and the State in Ghana: A Review, Orient: German Journal for Politics, Economics and Culture, 1, (2012), 12-18.

A Contested Half-Century: A Political History of Ghana since Independence, in Ivor Agyeman-Duah, edited Pilgrims of the Night: Development Challenges and Opportunities in Africa (Oxfordshire: Ayebia Clarke Publishing, 2011). Islam and Tolerance in West Africa Project, (Harvard/Michigan State University Matric Project), February 2011.

Religious Pluralism and Interfaith Coexistence: Cultivating Interfaith Tolerance in Ghana, (with Emmanuel Akyeampong), forthcoming.

History of Islam in West Africa: Implications for the Current Political Atmosphere,곡 in Andrew Rippin edited The Islamic World (London: Routledge Publishers, 2008).

Historical Dictionary of Ghana, 3 rd edition (Scarecrow Press, Division of Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham Maryland, 2005).

Prayer, amulets and healing, in Nehemiah Levtzion and Randall Pouwells, edited History of Islam in Africa (Athens, OH., Ohio University Press, 2000).

Historical Dictionary of Ghana 2 nd edition (Scarecrow Press, Lanham Maryland, 1995), with Dan McFarland.Islamic Talismanic Tradition in Nineteenth Century Asante (Lewiston, NY, Edwin Mellen Press, 1991).


  • HIST 263 Introduction to African History
  • HIST 470 Modern African
  • HIST 150 General Education, Issues in 20 th Century Global history
  • HIST 102 General Education World History since 1650
  • HIST 670 Graduate History Methods


  • African Studies Association (ASA)
  • Ghana Studies Association (GSA)


  • Faculty Fellow, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Terrorism and Peace (CISTP)
  • Board Member, Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence (James Madison University)
  • Editorial Board Member, Ghana Studies Council/Association.
  • Board Member, Center for Intellectual Renewal, Ghana.
  • Advisor, John A. Kuffuor Presidential Museum and Library, Ghana.

Glenn Hastedt. Ph.D.

Professor  & Chair, Justice Studies 540.568.7128



Ph.D. Political Science, Indiana University


Dr. Glen Hastedt is a recognized authority on United States foreign policy, specifically intelligence policy.   His work has emphasized questions of controlling intelligence, policy maker and intelligence community interactions, and intelligence failures and learning.



American Foreign Policy:  Past, Present, Future, Pearson, 10 th ed, forthcoming, 2014)Analysis and Estimates co editor with David Charters and Stuart Farson (Frank Cass Ltd., 1996).

Controlling Intelligence editor and contributor of two chapters (Frank Cass, Ltd., 1991).

Relevant Articles and Chapters:

Civic Education:  The Overlooked Narrative of Post 9/11 Intelligence Community Reorganization, Journal of Intelligence History, (2014). The Politicization of Intelligence, Intelligence and National Security (2013).

Commentary, On Jordan Tama, Terrorism and National Security Reform, H-Diplo Roundtable Reviews (2012) electronic.

The President and the Making of American Foreign Policy, in Chris  Jones and Steven Hook (eds.) The Handbook of American Foreign Policy (New York: Routledge, 2011).

Presidents, Advisors and the Future Direction of American Foreign Policy, in Steven Hook and James Scott (eds.), American Renewal:  The United States in the Global Community, (Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly Press, 2010).

Investigative Oversight of the American Intelligence Community:  Promise and Performance, in Stuart Farson and Mark Phythian (eds.) Commissions of Inquiry and National Security:  Comparative Approaches,  (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2010) Intelligence Estimates:  NIEs vs the Open Press in the 1958 China Straits Crisis,곡 International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (2010).

Commentary on Robert Jervis, Why Intelligence Fails, H-diplo Roundtable Reviews  (2010) electronic.

The Schlesinger Report:  Its place in Past, Present and Future Studies of Improving Intelligence Analysis, Intelligence and National Security (2009).

Intelligence Accountability, in Loch Johnson (ed.) Oxford Handbook on National Security Intelligence (New York:  Oxford University Press, 2009) Commentary on Richard Betts, Enemies of Intelligence, H-diplo Roundtable Reviews, vol. 9. no. 15 (2008) electronic.

Public Intelligence, in Loch Johnson and James Wirtz (eds.), Intelligence and National Security: the Secret World of Spies, 2 nd ed. (New York:  Oxford, 2008). Version of article that appeared in Intelligence and National Security, 2005. Intelligence in a Turbulent World:  Insights from Organization Theory,곡 with Douglas Skelley in S. Marrin, P. F. Gill, and M. Pythian (eds.), Intelligence Theory:  Key Questions and Debates (New York:  Routledge,  2008).

Foreign Policy by Commission:  Reforming the Intelligence Community, Intelligence and National Security, 2007. Washington Politics, Intelligence, and the Struggle against Global Terrorism,곡 in Loch Johnson (ed.), Strategic Intelligence (New York: Praeger, 2007).


  • POSC 370 United States Foreign Policy
  • JUST 235 Justice in the Global Community
  • JUST 377 Global Futures
  • JUST 373 Rebuilding Post Conflict Societies

Terry Beitzel, Ph.D.

Director, Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence
Associate Professor of Justice Studies
MSC 1205, Moody 107a
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807


Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University (ICAR)

History of Science, Harvard University


  • Nonviolence 
  • Conflict resolution and transformation
  • Restorative justice
  • Social and political theory
  • Positive peace

Social Implications of Restorative Justice. Social Psychology: How Other People Influence Our Thoughts and Actions. Santa Barbara, CA: BC-CLIO Publishers. (in press).

The Process of (Nonviolent) Revolution and Weber's Ethic of Responsibility. International Journal of World Peace. XXXi (June) 2014.

"Virtue in the Nonviolence of William James and Gandhi." International Journal of World Peace. XXX (September) 2013.

"The Content and Context of Justice." 100 Years of Service in Community: A Gould Farm Reader. Edited by Stephen Smith and Terry Beitzel. Lanham, MD. UPA. 2014.

with Tammy Castle, "Achieving Justice through the International Criminal Court in Northern Uganda: Is Indigenous/Restorative Justice a Better Approach?" International Criminal Justice Review. (February) 2013:1-15.

"Begriffsgeschichtlicher Hintergrund", Mennonitisches Lexikon, MennLex, 2012. Hans-Jurgen Goertz, editor. available at

Living with Ambiguity, Risk and Responsibility: Ethics and Agency in a Nonkilling Future.곡 Nonkilling Futures: Visions. Edited by Joam Pim. Honolulu. University of Hawaii. 2012: 55-96.

"Building Peace in the Process of Restoring Justice: A Conceptual Framework for an Inclusive Approach to Peace and Justice in Northern Uganda." West Africa Review, 19, 2011: 85-109.


  • Violence and Nonviolence
  • Conflict Transformation and Nonviolence
  • International Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Transformation
  • War and Justice
  • Revolutions
  • Intro to Justice Studies
  • Justice and American Society
  • Film and Justice


Edward J. Brantmeier, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education

Assistant Director, Center for Faculty Innovation
MSC 4603
James Madison University
Harrisonburg VA 22807 540.568.4846


Ph. D in History, Philosophy, and Education Policy Studies (with minors in India Studies and Cultural Anthropology), Indiana University-Bloomington

M.S. in Comparative and International Education, Indiana University-Bloomington

B.A. in English, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


  • Conflict resolution and education
  • Peace education (critical peace education, religion, spirituality, and peace education, intercultural empathy in peace education) 
  • Cultural conflict and change 
  • Multicultural education
  • Critical social theory
  • Ideology and curriculum
  • Teaching and learning processes 

Schooling systems and education processes are not politically, ideologically, and culturally neutral, rather, they promote explicit and implicit cultural values, desired behaviors, and preferred ideologies of ruling elite and/or powerful groups and individuals in societies.  Dr. Brantmeier has researched how a peace curriculum project impacted teachers and students at a Midwestern High School, and how the educational policy context enabled and constrained change. He has examined how mainstream worldviews of US students are impacted by reading critical multicultural versions of history.  In addition, he has examined the role of informational communication technologies in peaceful conflict transformation in Cambodia, Tibet, and Egypt.Theoretically, Dr. Brantmeier has contributed much to the development of a critical peace education approach, one that assumes that examining power, oppression, and privilege in a situated historic context is essential for engaging in peaceful change processes in conflict context around the world.  This work has been adapted and applied by others in their scholarship about New Zealand, Cyprus, India, the Israeli-Palestinian context, and in the United States.  Additional research foci include: conflict and sustainability, cultural conflict and change, transformative learning, and contemplative practices in teaching and learning. Dr. Brantmeier was a 2009 Fulbright-Nehru Scholar of peace studies at the Malaviya Centre for Peace Research, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.  While in India, Dr. Brantmeier guest lectured on peace education, critical peace education, and sustainability at several universities in both India and Nepal.


On Critical Peace Education:

Brantmeier, E.J. Toward a Critical Peace Education for Sustainability.  Journal of Peace Education, 10 (3), 2013, pp. 242-258.

Bajaj, M. and Brantmeier, E.J., Eds. The Politics, Praxis, and Possibilities of Critical Peace Education.  Journal of Peace Education. 8 (3), 2011. Note: Served as guest editor for this entire special edition devoted to critical peace education. 

Brantmeier, E.J.  Toward Mainstreaming Critical Peace Education in U.S. Teacher Education.  In Critical pedagogy in the 21 st century: A new generation of scholars.  Eds. Malott, C.S. & Porfilio, B. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2011, pp. 349-375.

On Peace Education:

Brantmeier, E.J. & Bajaj, M. 곁Peace Education Praxis: Select Resources for Educators and Researchers.곡 In Analyzing, Discussing and Acting on Social Issues in the Classroom: An Annotated Bibliography. Pedersen, J.E. & Totten, S.  Eds. Vol. 2. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2012. 

Brantmeier, E. J., Lin, J., and Miller, J., Eds.  Spirituality, Religion, and Peace Education. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2010.  

Brantmeier, E.J. A Peace Education Primer. Journal of Conflict Management and Development 3 (3), Malaviya Centre for Peace Research, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, 2010, pp. 36-50.  Timpson, W. M., Brantmeier, E. J., Kees, N., Cavanagh, T., McGlynn, C. Ndura-Ouédraogo, E.  147 Tips for Teaching Peace and Reconciliation.  Madison, WI: Atwood Publishing, 2009.

Lin, J., Brantmeier, E.J., Bruhn, C., Eds.  Transforming Education for Peace. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing, 2008. 

On Information Communication Technologies and Conflict Transformation: 

Richardson, J. W. and Brantmeier, E. J. The Role of ICTs in Conflict Transformation in Egypt.곡 Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues, 5 (4), 2012.

Brantmeier, E.J. & Richardson, J. ICT ( Information Communication Technologies) for Peace and Reconciliation: Constraints and Possibilities in Cambodia and Tibet.  In Education, Technology, Development & Social Justice. Eds. Vrasidas. C. Zembylas, M., Glass, G.  Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2009, pp. 213-236.

On Cultural Conflict and Change:

Ling, J., Oxford, R., Brantmeier, E.J., (eds). Re-envisioning Higher Education: Embodied Paths to Wisdom and Social Transformation. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2013.Brantmeier, E.J. 'Speak our language...abide by our philosophy겡: Language and Cultural Assimilation at a U.S. Midwestern High School.  Forum on Public Policy, Vol. 2007 (2).

Brantmeier, E.J. 곁Everyday Understandings of Peace and Non-peace:  Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding at a U.S. Midwestern High School.곡 Journal of Peace Education, 4 (2), Fall 2007, pp. 127-148.   

Brantmeier, E.J. Globalization, Education and Cultural Change in Navajoland: Snapshots of Situated Appropriation and Adaptive Intelligence in the U.S. Southwest.  In Power, Voice and the Public Good: Schooling and Education in Global Societies.  Eds. Hopson, R.K., Yeakey, C.C., Boakari, F. M. United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2008, pp. 373-396.

Brantmeier, E.J. Building Empathy for Intercultural Peace: Teacher Involvement in Peace Curricula Development at a U.S. Midwestern High School.  In Transforming Education for Peace.  Eds. Lin, J., Brantmeier, E.J., & Bruhn, C.  Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing, 2008, pp. 67-89. Brantmeier, E.J. Connecting Inner and Outer Peace: Buddhist Meditation Integrated with Peace Education.  Infactis Pax.  1 (2), 2007, pp. 120-157.  Available at: .


  • EDUC 360 H Foundations of American Education (Honors)
  • EDUC 300 Foundations of American Education
  • EDUC 310 Teaching in a Diverse Society
  • EDUC 525 Cross-Cultural Education
  • TESOL 525 Cross-Cultural Education 


  • Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association
  • Peace Education Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Society
  • Peace Education Special Interest Group of the Comparative and International Education Society


Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence, JMU



Presenter.  Brantmeier, E.J.  "Spirituality, Religion, and Peace Education."  Invited lecture, Gandhi Day celebration by ANINSA, Alliance for Humanitarian Initiatives, Non-violence, and Spiritual Advancement (NGO), co-sponsored by University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2013.

Presenter.  Brantmeier, E.J.  "Gandhian Ideals of Self Re-education for Peace."  Invited lecture, Gandhi Day celebration by Sri Venkateswara Hindu Temple, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2013.Presenter. 

Brantmeier, E.J.  Comparative Peace Education: Considerations from India and the United States.  Invited lecture, International Education Week, University of South Carolina, 2011.Recipient. 

Brantmeier, E. J. Fulbright Scholar Award Grant (2009). Lecturing grant award in peace studies, Multicultural Peace Education in Diverse, Democratic India, at the Malaviya Centre for Peace Research, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.  


Lennis G. Echterling, Ph.D.

Professor, Counseling Programs 

Department of Graduate Psychology
MSC 7401
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Office Phone: 540.568.6522
FAX: 540.568.4747 



  • Post-disaster training for first responders and psychological support teams
  • Crisis intervention
  • Transformation of trauma to resilience
  • Post-crisis play-based therapy
  • PTSD

Lennis G. Echterling, Ph.D. is Director and Professor of Counseling Programs at James Madison University. He has more than 30 years of experience in promoting resilience, particularly during crises and disasters. He has provided intervention, consultation and training in response to many catastrophic events, including tornadoes and floods throughout the United States, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Mississippi and Texas, the tsunami in Sri Lanka and India, the 9/11 attacks at the Pentagon, the shootings at Virginia Tech, violence in Mexico and Nicaragua, and landmine explosions in Jordan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and other countries. His books include "Crisis Intervention: Promoting Resilience and Resolution in Troubled Times" and "Thriving! A Manual for Students in the Helping Professions." Dr. Echterling has received James Madison University's Distinguished Faculty Award and Altogether One Award, Virginia Counselors Association겡s Humanitarian Award, the national Counseling Vision and Innovation Award from the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, and Virginia's Outstanding Faculty Award.


See a recent curriculum vitae of Dr. Echterling here.


Anne Stewart, Ph.D.

CISTP Faculty Fellow
Professor of Psychology

Combined Integrated Doctoral Program in Clinical and School Psychology
Department of Graduate Psychology
MSC 7401
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Office Phone: 540.908.8288
FAX: 540.568.4747 


  • Post-disaster therapy
  • Post-crisis and post-catastrophe psychological support training for first responders
  • Secure attachment and resilience for children and families suffering trauma
  • Psychosocial problems of landmines
  • Play-based therapy
  • Promoting Resiliency 

Anne Stewart is Professor of Graduate Psychology at James Madison University. She has promoted the secure attachment and resilience of children and families across the country and throughout the world. Dr. Stewart has partnered with colleagues in universities, government organizations, and NGO겡s on countless teaching, research and service projects.  She has implemented grant-funded mine-risk education for children, families and communities.  The projects address psychosocial problems of landmines and unexploded ordnance in such countries as Cambodia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mozambique, and Vietnam.  She served as a consultant after the Pacific tsunamis, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 attacks, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook school shootings, and other catastrophic events. For over six years, she joined forces with graduate students to provide play-based therapeutic services to the children and families of Virginia National Guard members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.With colleagues, Dr. Stewart published "Play Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice," "Becoming a Community Counselor" and "Thriving! A Manual for Students in the Helping Professions."  She has co-authored book chapters and articles on attachment, play therapy, post-traumatic stress and post traumatic growth, resilience and interprofessional collaboration.She is the founder and president of the Virginia Play Therapy Association and the recipient of the Association for Play Therapy "Distinguished Service" Award, James Madison University "All Together One" Award, Virginia Counselors Association's Humanitarian and Caring Person Award and the Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award.


See a recent curriculum vitae of Dr. Stewart here.


Shin Ji Kang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education
James Madison University
Harrisonburg VA 22807 540.568.6783

EDUCATION: Ph. D. in Early Childhood Education, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.


  • Refugee education
  • Early childhood education
  • Teacher education
  • Teacher efficacy beliefs
  • Spirituality in education 

See a recent curriculum vitae of Dr. Kang here.


Jonathan J. Miles, Ph.D.

Director, Virginia Center for Wind Energy at James Madison University

Office: ISAT/CS 112
Phone: 540-568-3044
Mailing Address:
MSC 4102
701 Carrier Drive
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

B.A., Physics, Clark University


Sustainability, energy systems


Lisa Tubach, M.F.A.

Associate Professor of Art
School of Art, Design & Art History
Duke Hall 2109D/ MSC 7101
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Lisa Tubach's creative work explores the complexities and abstractions of ecological concern, often presenting dualities of beauty and veiled danger. She has exhibited her work in a number of locations, including Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Virginia and Washington. She has also shown her paintings internationally through opportunities in France, Scotland and Japan. Current gallery representation includes the Lorrie Saunders Art Gallery (Norfolk, VA), Anderson O'Brien Fine Art (Omaha, NE) and various artist registries including The Painting Center and NurtureArt in New York. Her work is also represented by the "Art-in-Embassies" program of the U.S. Department of State, and has been a part of group shows in Peru and Suriname.Recent group exhibitions have included her work at the 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY ("Food for Thought" and "Small Works"), the Cuchifritos Gallery and Project Space in New York, NY ("Works on Paper") and at the (e)merge Art Fair in DC through the Washington Project for the Arts.

Her solo exhibitions have included the Craddock-Terry Gallery at the Riverviews Artspace in Lynchburg, VA (2016), "Hoping for Infinity," at the Anderson O'Brien gallery (2015); "Hinterland," at the Lorrie Saunders Art Gallery (2013); "Notes from the Wild/Levitations," at the New Image Gallery (2013); and "Interference" at the Anderson O겡Brien Gallery (2012). She has been awarded several residency fellowships including the Hospitalfield Centre for the Arts in Arbroath, Scotland; La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris; the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT; and the Dorland Mountain Artists Colony in Temecula, CA. In addition, Tubach's interests in ecology have resulted in other research opportunities, including volunteer efforts at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas, where she assisted in data collection on the health of coral and related fish populations.Her work is included in the following permanent collections: the U.S. Department of State/Monrovia, Liberia; the Museum of Nebraska Art; and private collections in Boston, New York, Tokyo, Kansas City, Omaha, Atlanta and Chicago. Originally from Omaha, NE, she received a B.A. from Macalester College, an M.F.A. from Michigan State University, and a certificate in digital video production from New York University. She holds the position of Associate Professor in the School of Art, Design and Art History at James Madison University, teaching in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.


Christie Kilby, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Dept. of Philosophy and Religion
61 E. Grace Street, MSC 8006
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807



Ph.D. in History of Religions (Sino-Tibetan Buddhism), University of Virginia

M.T.S. in Buddhist Studies, Harvard Divinity School

B.A. in Religion, Davidson College


  • Buddhist models of non-violence
  • Buddhism and social/environmental change
  • Religion and refugees

Dr. Kilby's pilot capstone course on Religion and Refugees investigates how religious dynamics contribute to refugee flight, refugee experiences of displacement and emplacement, and host nation reception of refugees.

Her emerging scholarship on "Refugees, the State, and the Gift of Fearlessness" interrogates the South Asian ethical category of  abhayadana, the gift of fearlessness. This category, which focuses on a politicized expression of fear, is a morally complex framework with the potential either to compel state protection of refugees as an ethical imperative  or to justify border closings and asylum rejection in response to domestic xenophobia.


Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, March 24, 2018

"Refugees, the State, and the Gift of Fearlessness"

Seeking Refuge in Contemporary Asian Nation-States, panel co-organized by

            Christie Kilby and Swati Chawla


  • REL 495 Buddhism and the Environment
  • REL 450 Religion and Society: Religion and Refugees
  • REL 388 Tibetan Buddhism
  • REL 288 Introduction to Buddhism
  • REL 101 Religions of the World


In Memoriam: Prof. Iain S. Maclean, Th. D.


1996 Th. D. Harvard Divinity School, Religion and Society

1986 Honors B. Th. University of South Africa, Practical Theology

1985 Th. M. Princeton Theological Seminary, Theology

1981 Honors B. A. University of South Africa, Greek & Latin

1980 B. D. Rhodes University, New Testament & Theology

1976 B. A. University of Cape Town, English & Greek

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Religion and Society / Politics / Race; Religion and Ethnic/Nationalist Conflict; Reconciliation & Religion; Ethics; Reconciliation Research, Religion and Violence.


Editor of A Hope for the Nations: Reconciliation and Religion in Latin America and Beyond. London: Ashgate Publishing, 2006.

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Co-Editor, Encyclopedia of Religion in American Politics, edited by Jeffrey D. Schultz. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1999.


Author of Bahia and Zion: The Eruption of New Religions of the Poor. Political Implications of Afro-Brazilian and South African Independent Churches. Chapter 9 in Samuel Elolia (Editor), Religion, Conflict and Democracy in Modern Africa. The Role of Civil Society in Political Engagement , 2013.

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Co-Book Review Editor, Religious Studies Review (The Americas, North America)

Sub-Book Review Editor, Sixteenth Century Journal (Reformation Theology, Portugal and Colonial Latin America)

Abstractor of the Journals, Ecumenical Review, Gereformeerd Theologisch Tijdschrift, Studia Missionalia, Modern Theology, Revista Eclesiástica Brasileira, Theologische Zeitschrift, and Zeitschrift für Missionswissenschaft und Religionswissenschaft, for Religious & Theological Abstracts, Myerstown, PA 17067.Referee for Religie en Teologie/ Religion and Theology (Leiden/Pretoria: E. J. Brill).

Referee for Ashgate Press, Oxford, England, UK; Referee for Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.; Referee for Oxford University Press, Oxford, USA
Referee/Reader for Human Rights and Human Welfare; Referee for United Nations University Press, Tokyo, Japan

LANGUAGES: Afrikaans, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Portuguese, Zulu (Reading knowledge of Spanish, Italian)

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